Tonight I will give you more reasons why you (Biafrans) must sit at home from the 23rd – 28th February 2023 and avoid participating in Nigeria Electi0ns

A top Islamic scholar said their game plan is to “make non-muslims to feel that they have to become Mūslims in order to have equal rights”.

For Peter Obi to contest or become Nigeria president, he has to go to mosque, dress like them and pretend he’s praying. This is the situation of Nigeria today which I call dangerous and destructive diversity. (Attached to this write up is Peter Obi in Agbada praying like a Muslim)

The two major political parties in N1geria supported the lynching of Deborah. Atiku and shettima (who is one of the sponsors of B0k0 Haram) supported the k*lling of Deborah because she was not a Muslim. Is this the kind of country you want to belong to?

Since 2015 when you voted Umahi, Hope Uzodinma, Wike, Obiano, Ikpeazu and others, what have they done for you?
The only thing Umahi and other 4 South-East Governors did for you was bringing Ebube-agu that’s k*lling you

Governor El Rufai said “any indigene of kaduna state that has the old note from now till the next four years, if APC is elected, UBA will collect your money. We’ll ensure we get your money so stop changing notes and tell everyone to stop taking notes to the bank.

A sitting Governor is openly telling this to to northerners while Biafrans and Oduduwas have been subjected to degrading treatments for their own money

El Rufai went further to say “When you transact, collect the old notes if you’re given, stop insisting on collecting only new notes, your business will crumble and that is what they want. Tell everyone in kaduna state with the old note to go ahead and make purchases, tell everyone trader to collect the old notes” Governor El Rufai concluded

They are crumbling your businesses in the south and telling you to obey Nigeria law because they know Nigeria is ending this year. Now how can you go and validate a country that does this kind of injustice to you?

The Islamic Scholar went on to say “there was a time Turkey had no Muslim or Islam but as a result of J1had, Muslims came with the swrd, established Sharia and that made many people to have no choice that to accept Islam in Turkey. The people may not become Muslims out of belief but out of fear. Some Muslims may want to say Islam was not spread by the swrd but that’s a blatant lie, the Sharia was spread many times by the sw*rd” the Islamic scholar stated boldly (see his picture below)

This is exactly what they wanted to do to Biafrans. When we pick up Arms to defend our mothers, our children and our land, they will tell you that you’re bringing insecurity because they want you to just keep quiet and allow them take over your land but that can never happen.

I want you to understand that after 25th of February 2023, you’ll have no representative from the Biafra region in Abuja, no senator, no house of representative member and we’re going to open the gate of hell.

All of them will be dragged into this freedom, we’ll bring all of them to the level of the poor masses and let us see who will go to Abuja and conspire with the government to k*ll our women and children

And for those of you thinking that Peter Obi that is already wearing their clothes and praying like them is coming to save you, you’re the biggest buff00n of the year

The reason why we’ll make sure we exit Nigeria this year are numerous, cultural differences, terr0rism, gen0cide. The people you elected four years ago are the ones responsible for the k*lling. You went to vote in Imo State, Nigeria court turned it around, brought Hope Uzodinma and today he has committed world crime in Imo State.

Is that the kind of exercise you want to go into again in few days time? Do you want to renew this bombardment again? That is why we’re rising up to make sure it doesn’t repeat again and we’re starting it from this month.

I want you to understand that Biafrans never had the opportunity we have now not even during the wår. This opportunity may never come again and we’re not going to gamble with it.

All Biafrans in America, Europe and across diaspora must begin to pick up your phones, call your people and make sure from the 23rd of this month (February), everybody locks their doors and stay inside until the 28th of February because those that will come out will witness the wår of separation between Biafra and Nigeria.

They will kll you to blackmail us. They know that anytime we order sit at home, Biafrans record 100% compliance and they are not happy, so they react by klling anybody they find on the street and don’t be used as a sacrifice.

It is your political right to stay at home and not participate in the election. In other words, it is like a referendum for the biafra people. We need to speak in one voice, we need to speak like never before, we need to speak to the world that it is no longer murmuring and complaining and that we’re ready to take a very bold step to our freedom. We can never succumb to any pressure, we can’t be compelled to validate Nigeria again.

The only thing that will make us to have a review of this sit at home order is the release of Maazi Nnamdi Kanu and those of you still hanging on the fence instead of supporting this biafra liberation, come out now.

If you’re a professor, come out now, if you have money, come out now. Not after 25th day of February when Biafrans have spoken in a very dangerous language you never expected then you come out, we’ll disappoint you

~Maazi Simon Ekpa (Biafra Spokesperson)

Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa LL.M (Master of Laws) is a human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, legal researcher, author, analyst, Finnish politician, Biafra agitator and a Finnish Military reserve.
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