About us

Enter Biafra is a channel that disseminates information about the right to self-determination of Biafrans intending to bring together revolutionary, activists, worker’s movements, non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations, lobby-groups under the need to pursue the struggle for the actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra and economic emancipation.

Enter Biafra is fully in support of Radio Biafra London that was first established in 2009 as an independent broadcasting outfit under the leadership of the Supreme Leader Nnamdi Kanu. Enter Biafra has a strong commitment to follow the directions and guidelines of the supreme leader of IPOB”. The two may have different approaches in the broadcast but the Enter Biafra lean fully and had a tacit understanding of full commitment to the struggle.

Just like Radio Biafra, Enter Biafra has a daily program that aims to enlighten, educate and inform Biafrans both in Biafraland and those all around the world, as well as trying to be instrumental in the effort to free Biafra from oppression, subjugation and extermination of their ancient value systems, cultures and languages. They provide unbiased news and trustworthy information, educating people in issues of democracy and internationally acknowledged perspectives on human rights and importantly the rights of women, Men and Children.

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