BREAKING! Extract from Last friday (31st March 2022) Simon Ekpa broadcast on EnterBiafra and (VOB). By Oke Meutan

Last friday (31st March 2022) broadcast with Simon Ekpa EnterBiafra on EnterBiafra and (VOB).

Simon began the broadcast by introducing a cut out clip of major words of mazi nnamdi kanu during his days with us on radio biafra. Simon also used his prayers for the nation of biafra during this time.

Simon Ekpa went on to remind biafra of the remarkable event that took place on this 31st march during the biafran-nigerian civil war. How the nigerian troops were ambushed and suffered casualties. Simon a security and political analyst exposed the lapses ojukwu faced during the 1967-1970 war, which he called “ACT OF SABOTAGE”. Simon said certain elite blamed ojukwu for the war, this saboteurs said ojukwu who sacrificed everything to ensure Nigeria doesn’t exterminate biafrans went to war cluelessly and unprepared hence exposing biafrans to death. Due to these great sabotage most biafran soldiers began to loose heart and at the end of the war biafrans surrendered after 3years of fighting.

Simon Ekpa said biafrans fought with the world powers alone and stood tall for 3years until Britain brought a clue to nigerian government to use starvation as a means to defeat biafrans. So the nigerian soldiers went to cut off food supply to biafran populace and over 3million children died not from gun and bullets rather via starvation.

Simon called this terror act an ” Act of genocide plotted by Britain and carried out by nigerian soldiers”. So at the end of the war, certain agreement was reached of which simon pointed out two very important agreement which were;
1) biafrans will accept the already 12 created states by Gowon but in case of any further adjustment biafrans must be called on a round table with other ethnicity to agree on such amendment.
2) that incase there is an amendment in constitution biafrans and other ethnicity must sit at round table to deliberate such amendment.

Simon Ekpa stressed that these agreement was breached and never respected as usual by the rogue nigerian/Britain state. He said just like the restructuring agreement was reneged on, so several agreement after the war was also reneged on to ensure biafrans are put down.

Simon said no biafran raised a brow seeing everyone was trying to find his feet so the fulani did as they liked. Simon said the evil of subjugation went on contested against, several military generals took over until in 1999 Nigeria decided to hand over to a Democratic president in person of olusegun obasanjo.
Simon just like Jephthah in the bible recounted the evils of the nigerian state against the biafrans and warned the nigerian state to do the right thing to avoid a serious revolution which is very close at the corner.

Simon drifted the broadcast beam light towards bishop callistus onaga who impregnated a young woman named ifenyinwa and she bare a son for him, this son of his is presently 27years old. Before simon Ekpa went fully into the program he warned one reverend father ACHI who comes in defence of bishop onaga. He said this Reverend achi must be very careful otherwise any further lie from him would not be tolerated and it will force him simon to digging deep into ACHI’s cupboard. He said ACHI should remember he went on 28 January 2022 to cubana night club with a dark plump lady. He said this man called ACHI is a lecturer at Godfrey okoye university and this man has been defiling young damsels in that university and if he makes further defence on bishop onaga, he will be forced to populate the pictures and video evidences of reverend ACHI to sack him finally.

He said reasons why he is exposing all these men is because of what saboteurs did ojukwu and these saboteurs is the reason biafra is slow in coming hence he needs to bring them out under the sun. He said bishop onaga sacked one reverend father obele because this priest was caught with a woman. He said if onaga can sack obele for the same crime he is into even probably deeper than obele, then onaga should be taken to Rome for punishment and banishment.
He said its very shameful how these priests commits heavy sacrilege that even married men would not commit.

Simon went on to play a video evidence where Mrs.ifenyinwa said she was in a romantic relationship with bishop onaga when he was still a priest and they dated for 5years after which he took in and refused to abort her pregnancy. Then bishop onaga then in a bid to cover up the mess begged his brother to marry her, of which she consented. So after the marriage she said she sleeps with her husband and still goes every week to bishop Onaga’s house at saint Joseph cathedral to make love with bishop onaga that time. She said it went on that way until she gave birth then the brother of onaga by name alphonsus broke up with her because sincerely they weren’t in love with each other as her heart was still yearning for her first lover bishop callistus onaga. She said alphonsus also rejected her son saying that he can’t claim responsibility for what is not his, of which he was right. Alphonsus told my son henry chukwuma Valentine, that his biological father is Bishop CVC onaga, so his son has been troubling him to meet his dad. When her son and her went to onaga, onaga rejected the son now the boy is stranded and very devastated so she has decided to call on the public to help her so her son would not kill himself and also causing her more pain thn she is presently handling now. She said she remarried to another man after divorcing alphonsus onaga.

Simon Ekpa commenting at the end of her complain said ifeanyinwa must be taken care off, her son must be accepted back by bishop onaga. He said he will not allow onaga to pretend like nothing happened, he must do a DNA test and forthwith take full responsibility of his son henry chukwuma Valentine.

Simon Ekpa stressed about the kind of atrocious acts going on in a church that a priest will be having sex with his supposedly brothers wife, and his brother having full knowledge of what his brother is doing will also enjoy sex with the same woman. What a sacrilege in biafran land. This evil must be exposed until justice is done.

Simon Ekpa went on to warn achi sternly that the stupid post he made connecting ipob/esn/UGM together and to one Reverend father Bartholomew chime who is suffering for going to drag a damsel with a young man. And the young man organized boys and they shot him on the leg. He said any further comment by reverend achi he simon will unveil to the public with video evidences all priest achi has been doing with peoples daughters.

Finally simon Ekpa talked tough asking soludo why he has chosen to create troubles for himself by standing on the way of biafrans. He said soludo is unhappy because the nigerian army burnt a local government house, but that same soludo is quiet when the same army burns the houses of common biafran men. Simon said that shows a double standing of the eastern region elite. He said soludo can not do better than ugwuanyi, nor umahi, nor obiano, nor uzodinma but till today those guys did not get it easy as they thought.

SIMON said the mistake of 1967 we have noted it and we are correcting it. We biafrans have been at war and this war is called a systematic war which we use the Brain to fight. Nigeria state are cowards as they will not call out the war by themselves rather they will be killing you quietly hence seeing thats the model, we shall teach them how to play this music very well.
Simon Ekpa echoed loudly to BIAFRANS saying we are at war, and we shall use even machine gun to send our message very clear. Today is not 1967-70, never ever, we will defend our land with all our might and we shall win this time.

Simon Ekpa added that those saying he is inciting violence should think again because they witchcraft will not work and he will do more terrible things in coming days because 2022 can never be 1967-70.




Oke meutan 1/4/22

Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa LL.M (Master of Laws) is a human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, legal researcher, author, analyst, Finnish politician, Biafra agitator and a Finnish Military reserve.
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