The Indigenous People Of Biafra [IPOB]


We, the Indigenous People Of Biafra wish to use this opportunity to draw the attention of the Media houses, the international community, people of good conscience and the people of the free world towards the continuous cruelty and barbaric acts of the men of the Nigerian Army and their terrorists accomplices in our land.

We cannot take it anymore and we are finally giving them a 10 days ultimatium to leave our land peacefully or we exercise ‘an offensive treatment’ against them.

The Nigerian Government has continued to deploy more soldiers, Armouries to kill innocent civilians and unarmed Biafra Agitators.

Recall that the Nigerian terrorist re-integrated Army had killed over 100 innocent youths of Ogbaru in Anambra State a few weeks a go and it was swept under the carpet. They have also killed thousands of innocent Biafran youths openly and silently, and nobody was ever questioned or held accountable for it.

Many silent killings and massacre of our youths in Imo State and other parts of Biafraland still ongoing and nobody is speaking against it.

We are human beings with blood in our veins. We shall begin to combat them, if after a 10 days time, and they don’t leave the streets of Biafraland.

We all know that ongoing incessant killings in the South-East would have been worse had it been our dearest leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu never set up Eastern Security Network (ESN)…

Most of our communities/villages could have been sacked and taken over by those marauding foot Fulani soldiers from Sahel nicknamed ‘Bandits and ‘Armed Herders’.

If not for ESN, South-East would have had many IDP camps..

But ESN (Eastern Security Network) came in and halted their hegemonic/genocidal plans because the Eastern Leaders are all incapacitated in the hands of the Fulani Caliphate. They couldn’t do anything to secure our people when they were needed most…

Most of our bushes are now free from those AK-47 wielding and blood lusting villains from FUTA JALON….

So, because they can no longer operate from most of our bushes/farmlands, they are now operating upland on another callous identity known as the; “Unknown Gunmen Herders in Millitary uniforms, Nigeria police and soldiers”.

As they perpetrate so many kinds of evil in our land against our people disguising as: ‘Unknown Gunmen, Bandits, Kidnappers and so on, the well terrorist infiltrated Nigerian Soldiers goes on rampage in killing innocent civilians, ransacking villages and burning down innocent people’s homes. All targeted at ethnic cleansing of the Biafran People.

The past killings and beheadings especially the unclear stories of those two military couples, the lawmaker and the killing of a woman and her kids, it all depicts exactly the modus operandi of those vicious demons….

Biafrans ain’t no saints but when it comes to taking someone’s life in a very gruesome manner as we have been witnessing lately, Igbo man or woman can never perpetrate such evil. Biafran people don’t spill innocent blood….

Again, remember that Garba Shehu threatened that the unfair trial of Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will mark the end of IPOB’s agitation for Biafra restoration. What we are witnessing lately in our land could be connected to his threat…

Self-determination is not a crime, neither is self defense. We are now determined to defend our people ruthlessly and secure our land from these people that strongly believe in divide, conquer and occupy.

We are therefore giving the Nigerian Government from now till the 15th of this month of August, 2022 to withdraw all their state sponsored Bandits/Terrorists, Millitary troops that are causing mayhems in our land.

Because of the non-stop upsurge of these terrorists in Biafraland, we are now embarking on ‘offensive operation’ to combat them and we are never going back on our words.

Thousands of arrested Boko Haram members that were alleged to have been repented, are reinstated into the Nigerian Army because they’re from the Fulani tribe, while thousands of innocent Biafrans are killed unjustly for wanting to separate themselves from Nigeria peacefully.

These evil Nigerian Soldiers and Policemen cannot withstand the numerous terrorists ravaging the whole North. But, they are in the East killing innocent villagers and burning down homes, all in a bid to stop the Biafra agitators by all means.

We have crossed the Rubicon. We cannot be stopped anymore. 15th of August, 2022 (10 days time from now) is the end of this ultimatum we are giving and we shall combat them out of our land offensively.

Our offensive is targeted at terrorists; both the ones in our bushes and the ones in Millitary uniforms, with their collaborators in our land. BEWARE !

Signed: Ekpa Simon Njoku [ESN]
The Biafra Spokesperson

Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa LL.M (Master of Laws) is a human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, legal researcher, author, analyst, Finnish politician, Biafra agitator and a Finnish Military reserve.
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