BREAKING! Press Release From The Office Of The Biafra Spokesperson. 9/08/2022

Press Release From The Office Of The Biafra Spokesperson. 9/08/2022

▪️The Indigenous People Of Biafra [IPOB]


We the Indigenous People Of Biafra are once again placing the world on notice towards of our readiness to match into our freedom in 2023, and we therefore see it fit to resound this unflinching declaration.

That the terrorists upsurge keeps advancing from the northern part of Nigeria to the southern part, on a daily basis in rapid succession . 
It would not take the federal government of Nigeria,  led by the incapacitated General Muhammadu Buhari  much , but simple political will to curtail the insecurity and terrorists activities across Nigeria if the federal administration mean to conquer insurgency.  But instead , the Fulani led Nigerian federal government negotiate with terrorists, pay them huge amounts of money thereby empowering and emboldening the  terrorists the more. The government will do nothing to hurt the terrorists nor the foreign invaders because, they are working together from different wings to achieve same purpose, which is to conquer all territories locked within the length and breadth of the British failed company called Nigeria. All their winnings against the insurgency and insecurity are only  on mass media and never a visible practical sign of any productive counter insurgency going on. The government, uses the service of hungry and unscrupulous journalists whose tradition of survival is to report falsehood in exchange for brown envelop (money) at the expense of the masses. 
Almost every reportage coming from Nigeria mass-media houses are stage-managed, manipulate  aimed to deceive the general public.

We are the Indigenous People Of Biafra. Our land has been their soft targets in the advancements of their jihadist and occupational tendencies. Our people have always been their soft target through continuous subjugation and ruthless extermination. Biafrans have always been at the receiving end of everything this is purely evil in the British colonial enclave called Nigeria, and we are tired of just writing to the international community and crying out to the people of the world to come to our rescue. 

We have previously made declarations that THERE WILL BE NO CONDUCTING OF NIGERIA ELECTIONS IN BIAFRALAND IN 2023 AND ONWARDS. We are not Nigerians. We are Biafrans and we cannot afford to be part of their sham and imposed  electoral ‘SELECTIONS’ anymore.

There is no way we will continue to allow Nigerian Elections to hold in Biafra territories, in the midst of the high level of insecurity going on across Nigeria, ravaging the north and already eating deep into the south as being sponsored by the northern caliphate and their partners in the governmental corridors of power. 

On this note, we the Biafran people,  have declared that from 8th of August, 2022, 
We have banned all sorts of Nigerian political MEGA RALLIES in Biafra territory. In the present-day Nigeria. 

Biafra Territory covers: Abia, Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, and Rivers states as well as parts Edo State, lower Benue and Igala in Kogi State. Our directives are to be observed and our orders obeyed in the above mentioned areas.

Henceforth, No political mega rallies or campaigns are allowed to hold in our land. And we are calling on all parents to restrain their children from attempting to turn up for any Nigeria political mega rally proposed to take place within the Biafra soil. 
This warning is geared at ensuring the safety of all lives in Biafra land.

Our move to finally and totally liberate Biafra from Nigeria in 2023 has already been fully activated & this  ‘No Election’ campaign that we the Biafrans have embarked upon is one of the major key issues that must be implemented and absolutely enforced if situation demands. 

Therefore, going against this directive will be seen as going against Biafra and we will never by any means tolerate such. Please take note of this and take the order seriously without throwing caution to the wind. Stay Away from mega rallies in Biafra land and allow us to deal with the terrorists in uniform that may come to challenge us in our own ancestral land.

We can no longer afford to be part of the country that sponsors terrorism to murder her own citizens in their huge number on daily basis. When we march on the streets in protests, they kill us. When we sit at home in protest, they burn down our houses and communities to intimidate us. When we say we are boycotting elections conducted by the Nigeria state in  Biafra territory, they declared war on us and slaughter our people on our streets like chickens, all in the bid to keep Nigeria one at all cost and at the expense of our blood. We the Biafra people are unanimously saying WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH, AND ENOUGH IS NOW ENOUGH. We are ready to do anything humanly and inhumanly possible to stop Nigeria election in Biafra land and stand firm with all available defensive and offensive mechanism at our disposal to defend our land, preserve our race and live as a free people henceforth.

(Robert Nester Marly). 

Every man have to the right to decide his destiny and we the Biafra people are seizing the time and opportunity to rise up to the the task of pure survival, and this we shall do with everything available to us the Biafra people. This time around, WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE TO BE TO US, THAT WE SHALL BE TO YOU. 

It would be: “Peace For Peace”…”Tooth For Tooth”… “An Eye For An Eye”… “Iron For  Iron” and  “Groundnuts For Groundnut”. Whichever way through which they may come against us while bragging like ignorantly empty giant Goliath, we as little David will crush them and secure victory for our people because “God has willed it for us to be free”

Beware, and do not not present yourself as an obstacle, else you too shall be crushed with no mercy.

Signed: Ekpa Simon Njoku [ESN]
The Biafra Spokesperson

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Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa LL.M (Master of Laws) is a human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, legal researcher, author, analyst, Finnish politician, Biafra agitator and a Finnish Military reserve.
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