Wednesday 11th 2023
The widely circulated pronouncement by Nigeria’s so called Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), insinuating their devious intention to postpone their scheduled election is not a surprise, based on the fact that Nigeria is highly predictable due to its criminality.

From their report as jumbled in the public, Insecurity was cited as reason for the purported postponement.
The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, through our Spokesperson and Pro tempore Leader, Mazi Simon Ekpa do publicly make these assertions in response to the said report that we:

  1. Clearly recognize Nigeria as an illegal hypothesis of British premeditated experiment, established to exploit, plunder, subjugate, kill and to total annihilate indigenous people through organized genocide;
  2. Understand that an illegal entity cannot enforce legality; therefore submit that the purported Nigeria election is illegal;
  3. The Biafra people have chosen not to engage in illegality by endorsing an election planned by criminals under the auspices of an illegality called Nigeria;
  4. Totally reject the Nigeria 2023 election and will never partake or validate the continuous and continual existence of an illegal Nigeria through any vote anywhere in Biafra-land;
  5. Are aware that because we have resolved not to join in the illegal election, the Nigeria Fulani caliphate government has through their INEC, cited “insecurity” as reason for the purported cancelation;
  6. Understand that citing “insecurity” as reason for cancelation is to justify their planned genocide against Biafra people in guise of clamping down on “criminals” alleged to be behind the said “insecurity”.
    According to BBC News of 7th February 2015, the All Progressives Alliance (APC), which was then an opposition Party accused the then President, Goodluck Jonathan as was submitted, of “using the military to force INEC to delay the election, so as to help the sitting Presidents’ campaign”.
    The then chairman of APC referred to the move to postponed the election as “highly provocative and a major setback for Nigerian democracy”.

In same publication, the then US Secretary of States John Kerry said the US was “deeply disappointed”. He further stated that “Political interference with INEC is unacceptable and it is critical that the government not use security concerns as a pretext for impeding the democratic process”.
From the above statements, we can deduce that the high level of insecurity then was sponsored by APC with the help of foreign powers to discredit Goodluck Jonathan and his government.

The cancelation was criticized by APC Party because the insecurity was created by them and subject to their control; hence, they reacted to the cancelation as “unacceptable” due to the fact that the insecurity is under their control and is only a weapon to protect their interest.
Today, the template of 2015 has being adopted by APC government through its criminal INEC, fronting insecurity as alibi. The idea is to utilize the 2015 precedence as bases to coin the narrative of insecurity.
The Nigeria armed forces have over time carried out unprovoked attack on Biafra people for defending themselves against Fulani terrorists invading their land. The attacks by the armed forces are meant to provoke Biafra people into retaliation, which then will be utilized as justifiable evidence to invade Biafra territory.

When the idea failed, they decided to sponsor the creation of militia groups to invade indigenous communities and blame it on Eastern Security Network (ESN) created to secure Biafra-land and its people.
To this effect, we state that the reason for their purported plan to postponement their election is not because of insecurity, but because Biafra people have activated the revolutionary movement template for Biafra exit from the Nigeria evil contraption in 2023. On this note, they are planning to postpone the election as justification for their intended genocide against Biafra people and force the rest to join in the election.

Nigeria sponsors eleven (11) terrorist groups; hence, it poses threat to lives of indigenous people. For this cause, we shall never validate Nigeria again by participating in election.
We shall never again vote for anyone to represent us within the Nigeria setup because over the years, it is the same Biafra politicians selected by the Fulani caliphate and presented to Biafra people to be voted for that are being used against the Indigenous People of Biafra.
Our resolve is to secure our land from any form of invasion. We remain absolutely committed to NO 2023 ELECTION IN BIAFRA-LAND. No amount of propaganda can stop us as we shall defend ourselves in the air, on land and on the sea.
Mazi Simon Ekpa
(Biafra Spokesperson)

Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa LL.M (Master of Laws) is a human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, legal researcher, author, analyst, Finnish politician, Biafra agitator and a Finnish Military reserve.
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