Breaking! World Igbo Congress dropped a Bombshell in support of ESN

The World Igbo Congress, WIC, has made case for support of the Eastern Security Network, ESN, as the only volunteer security outfit in the South East.
According to WIC, it’s support for the Nnamdi Kanu-led outfit was because Igboland security cannot be left in the hands of Miyetti-Allah in the North or Amotekun in the South West, because leaders always want to abdicate responsibility and hoped it will go away.

WIC Public Relations officer, Basil Onwukwe in a statement, on Saturday, advised government to deescalate the tension in Igboland and avoid provoking harmless volunteer youths whom it said have refused to watch bandits rape their women and kill their people.

“WIC supports Eastern Security Network because it is the only security outfit available to secure our hinterland, like the Miyetti-

Allah is for the North, the Amatokun for the West.

“We have been maligned, annihilated, our women raped, and our farmland deserted. The problem is that the bandits who occupied our lands only survive in the bush by kidnaping us for ransom.

“It is very concerning that the terror that is unleashed on us has not attracted any solutions or deterrent measures from the federal government of Nigeria to date.

“The most recent intelligent report by Anderson of the US state department has expressed concern of Islamic extremist expansion in Nigeria and how Boko Haram Islamic extremists looking to expand further south into the Littoral states of Imo, Ebonyi and other southeastern states.

“World Igbo Congress knows the consequence of a failed state and we call the Federal Government of Nigeria and the state government to avoid escalating hostilities in Igboland but find time to fight the insurgent that is making their way into the country from the Northeast.

“World Igbo Congress holds sacred the sanctity of life of every human being and as such our support for ESN is our belief that the modalities that will guarantee the security of Alaigbo will be paramount.

“WIC is ready to engage with any security outfit that is willing to secure Igboland to ensure the protection of life and property. The youths that are volunteering to secure our land can be reached peacefully for consultation not by force or act of destruction we must respect everyone’s rights to life,” Onwukwe said.

culled from different sources including Vanguard News

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