We cannot overlook appreciation because it is one of the major attribute that posts man as a rational animal.

We appreciate because we understand and we understand because we have faith in the limelight of truthfulness.

We appreciate the courageous response from Mazi Simon Ekpa to IPOB family in Enugu Ezike, the courageous response defines the ultimate motto of IPOB which is “one family”. He said and we quote ” ENUGU EZIKE WILL BE SEALED, PROTECTED and DEFENDED; BIAFRANS HAVE HEARD YOUR CRY” – Mazi Simon Ekpa (19th August 2022″) .

With this green and courageous signal, we IPOB members Enugu Ezike affirm our unity with the United family. A family that was established by Mazi Nnadi Kanu for the total freedom of Biafrans from Nigeria government. We therefore affirm again that WE SEEK NO HELP FROM ANYONE OUTSIDE MAZI SIMON EKPA as of now that our leader is passing through extra judicial treatments.

It was brought to our attention that a certain man by name “Anyi Kings” made a request to DOS for an establishment of ESN in Enugu Ezike because he feels that ESN in Enugu Ezike is an unknown gun-men.

This affirmation from IPOB Enugu Ezike is to counter his baseless lies or fallacies. We are not asking anyone to establish an ESN in Enugu Ezike because it has been in existence since the moment Mazi Nnadi Kanu charged everyone to defend their bushes against Fulani herdsmen who rampage on daily basis causing all kinds of evils. What we are asking from Mazi Simon Ekpa is a support not an establishment.

More-so, he said that our community harboured expelled criminals from Anambra state that later recruited some as ESN. This is a fallacious statement against Biafrans in Enugu Ezike, the holy and ancient land of Biafra, Enugu Ezike has never had any record of harbouring foreign criminals and cannot do such even at future because we are holy people.

We are making the record pure and clean that since the outburst of steady rapid kidnapping began in Nigeria, there has not be any form of Kidnapping in Enugu Ezike. In the letter he appeals to DOS and to Igwe to join hands for an establishment of ESN ( Eastern Security network) to help fight against these criminals that snatch cars, rapes, kidnap and cause social unrest. This is also another fallacy against the holy ESN, the only and major duty of ESN is to combat fulani Herdsmen who destroy our farm,kill and rape our people. This is in line of vision of Mazi Nnadi Kanu. Our ESN are always in our various bushes, they do not confront criminals because it is yet to be included in the code of their operations.

We are convince that it is only through Mazi Simon Ekpa that our good assistance and support will come from. A lot of blackmailings have been level against the innocent people of Enugu Ezike just because they are Biafrans. Last two months the IPOB coordinator of Enugu Ezike by name Stephen Ejiofor was abducted by the Nigerian troops; Stephen Ejiofor is known for his innocence, he earns his living as motor cycle mechanic, he is a Christian and has no criminal records, as we were striving to secure a release of our coordinator, Emma powerful under DOS made a public statement claiming that Stephen Ejiofor is a criminal, a statement that has no evidence to be backed up with.

WE CANNOT SEEK HELP FROM THOSE that call us CRIMINALS,we cannot seek help from those that never wanted us to path the way of our leader, we cannot seek help from those that helped in inviting troops that are killing us on daily basis, we refuse to seek help from those that know nothing about our existence.

We therefore charge Anyi King to revoke his selfish letter because we did not charge him to do such task. We command him to remove the allegations he put upon Ezike people by posing Ezike as a community that harbour foreign criminals. It is an allegations that must be revoked because we are holy people.

IPOB Enugu Ezike appreciate the kind gestures from our Royal fathers all over the villages that made up Enugu Ezike and as well wish to state that ESN of IPOB is in our bushes averting attacks from Fulani herdsmen; therefore, disregard any message suggesting that u people our only Royal fathers should contact foreign numbers for formation of ESN in Enugu Ezike. Disregard it because it is a lie and set up. ESN assures you that our bushes are safe and that no fulani Herdsmen can invade our community. The major problem of Nigeria is herdsmen and that is what ESN is after on daily basis. ESN ask our Royal fathers for prayers as they carry out their divine duty of protecting our bushes from blood thirsty Herdsmen who kill without mercy.

Conclusively, we appreciate those that really matter in this divine quest to restore Biafra, the kingdom of God on Earth. We salute our Royal and traditional fathers, we salute our dearly clergymen, we salute IPOB one big family and as well salute Simon Ekpa for his efforts since the extra judicial treatment of our only leader Mazi Nnadi Kanu.

© Mazi Obinna Victor Uzoaganaobi, Investigative Media Activist For Biafra Writers Of Conscience- BWOC, 2022

Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa LL.M (Master of Laws) is a human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, legal researcher, author, analyst, Finnish politician, Biafra agitator and a Finnish Military reserve.
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