Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa discusses insecurity issues in Nigeria. 20-12-2020

In today’s broadcast, Simon discussed the problem of insecurity in Nigeria and analyse the voice transcript of prominent Hausa/Fulani terrorist and other insecurities issues.

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Titus Odedun

Simon Ekpa discuss Biafran Issues with Dr Titus Odedun – Dec 18, 2020

Dr. Titus Odedun sits with Mazi Simon Ekpa to discuss the situation of Nigeria and give support to Biafran demand for self determination and sovereingnity. Listen and be informed

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Ronan ex Commissioner of police

Discussing the current Nigeria State with Mr Ronan ex-Commissioner of police Republic of Ireland -16.12.2020

Simon discussed the current Nigeria State with Mr Ronan ex-Commissioner of Police Republic of Irelandand other important personnel on the program includes Mr Liam and Tricia -16.12.2020

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Wike bounty on IPOB and MNK counter bounty

Matters arising: – Wike placed a bounty of 50million naira on IPOB member. The Leader of IPOB worldwide makes a counter bounty of 100million on Wike. Dele Momodu asked Wike…

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Nigeria Govt attack EndSARS protesters prompt Nnamdi Kanu remarks – he has my total support

Special broadcast on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu #EndSARS protest order and pronouncements 10.11.2020. This live broadcast is to show my total support to every word Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said as he…

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Wike and Nigeria Govt should get ready for the ICC for their ethnic cleansing

Today 9.11.2020 Matters arising 1. Sentencing of 6 northern Nigeria citizens in UAE a confirmation of Nigeria government involvement in global terrorism. 2. Governor Wike of Rivers State should be…

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