Watch and listen to my position on Chidinma, Ataga case.

Discussing the Chidimma, Ataga and matters arising from that unfortunate situation, what we will do differently in Biafra. 28.6.2021

Join as we discuss this unfortunate news, how the failed Nigeria state contributed to the rascality of our women and men, the need to dissolve Nigeria and have a better and sane society where men and women will have respect for human life and respect the rights of others and the dignity of man and woman.
Nigeria as a nation have lost everything because of lack of direction as a result of conflict of interest from the dangerous diversity that has left so many social vices unchecked.
We will also address the unprofessionalism from the security agencies and the news media and will tell you what we will do differently in Biafra to curb such unfortunate incident from happening.
Watch it on has been blocked by Nigeria government just like they blocked Twitter, so you need VPN to continue to listen and watch our live broadcast if you are in Nigeria.

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