Wike bounty on IPOB and MNK counter bounty


Matters arising: –

  • Wike placed a bounty of 50million naira on IPOB member.
  • The Leader of IPOB worldwide makes a counter bounty of 100million on Wike.
  • Dele Momodu asked Wike about the bounty on IPOB member, but Wike denied placing a bounty on IPOB member.
  • Dele Momodu asked Wike why not reach out to IPOB for peace since even FG is negotiating with Boko Haram? Wike avoided commenting on that; instead, he attacked Dele of being part of those who kicked Jonathan out of Office.
  • Similarly, when some criminals were arrested in Dubai, Abike Debri serving the interest of Fulani, called the robbers all type of names. Still, when 6 Boko Haram member was sentenced in the same Dubai, FG and Abike Debri are agitating that they can appeal.
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    Freedom of biafra we want


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