Extract from Simon Ekpa live broadcast 28/3/2022. Written by Emmanuel Prince Muetan

Simon Ekpa EnterBiafra night broadcast on 28/3/22.

Simon Ekpa a security and political analyst began his broadcast by exposing the numerous lies of gov.soludo again during his governorship campaign where soludo said anambra looses 19billion naira every Monday sit-at-home observed by biafrans in honour of mazi nnamdi kanu the leader of the biafran movement.

Simon Ekpa said “soludo is a product of the evil contraption where lies is used to win the heart of ignorant people. Soludo supposed to be a first class economics graduate from nsukka hence he should understand simple mathematics unless he is trying to say he used money to pay his way through his university days to pass his courses.

Simon said, how come in 2019 before the covid 19, which crippled the economy of the world, the internally generated revenue of anambra state every year culminated to just 24billion naira. Hence if we are to divide 24billion by 365days in a year, we can’t get 19billion naira daily.

So how come soludo said anambra looses 19billion naira every Monday sit at home? Which economic calculator is soludo using?, hope it is not the same calculator he used in 2006-2008 where he committed an international fraud just like hushpuppy according to HEDA reports?. He said politicians must understand that if no body in Biafra land reads between lines, I simon Ekpa will catch you in your lies.

Simon wondered why the fraud of soludo in 2006-2008 which he dug up is not trending on social media and why the media houses in nigeria are afraid to publish such on their dailies.
Simon adviced soludo and other eastern politicians to stop trying to use lies to end the sit at home as biafrans are at their wisest moments. He said soludo know why biafrans sit at home and until that thing is solved the sit at home continue and will be heightened adding Friday and sunday to the present Monday sit at home observation. He said biafrans will go tougher and tougher on her elite class because this elite class is part of the problems biafrans faces today in nigeria.

The broadcast focus left soludo and went on to the callous speech sen.Victor umeh made on bbc igbo about mazi nnamdi kanu. Simon asked umeh a question that “since you know mazi nnamdi kanu is not doing it right what have you done to salvage the situation at the red chambers of the Senate?
Senator umeh you called mazi kanu names, you said he destroys peoples houses in biafran land, so is mazi nnamdi kanu from DSS dungeon the one burning houses in biafran land? How callous can this criminal senator be? Biafrans can you see the problem? Can you see why we have to hit this idiots to teach them to understand its not longer business as usual? What sort of idiocy is this? Senator umeh, what way have you carried out your own agitation seeing you said mazi kanu is violent.

You are at the read chambers so I have not heard you moved any motion to salvage the situation in igbo land. What have you done senator umeh? You agreed that the cry of kanu is genuine, and the government is indeed marginalizing ndigbo hence what way have you protested at the red chambers to push for the end of this marginalization senator?, all you people do is to use mazi nnamdi kanu to negotiate your EVIL. You use mazi nnamdi kanu as bait to negotiate your devilish wants. You use mazi kanu to negotiate dead on arrival igbo presidency. You all are MAD. Senator umeh, come and vote in 2023, I swear to God we will deploy every means we have and show you people that we own our land not you rogue politicians. Criminals every where.
Simon Ekpa finally tilted the broadcast focus to wikes speech saying in “nigeria power is not given rather you take power by force and wike added a story saying his mother told him when a mad man flogs you with a Cain you don’t run away, you pick up your own Cain and flog the mad man harder, that mad man will learn the pain and will run away from you but if he flogs you and you run he will pursue after you”.

Simon played and replayed this speech by wike, and he asked biafrans can you all here what wike said here? Now if just common elections they take power with force, consider what we shall be doing to get biafra. In this liberation movement we are taking Biafra and we will deploy every means we have to ensure biafra comes.

The broadcast drifted focusing at governor of Benue state gov.ortom lamentation concerning the mass killings by the fulani herds men. Ortom was seeing lamenting how he has read the letter from FUNAM (FULANI NATIONALITY MOVEMENT) saying that nigerian land belongs to them and their father Othman danfodio. Ortom said he read this letter and sent it to all security operatives and the federal government but uptil 2022 nothing has been done. Ortom asked president BUHARI to resign. He said buhari is very incompetent. He said buhari should handover to his vice president osinbajo.

Ortom went further to stress that hence forth from this 2022, that benue indigenous people would defend themselves from aggressors. They will deploy every means to protect her land from fulani herdsmen. Ortom said this killing would be met with maximum force and no longer tears and complain just like what Governor wike said above in his PDP convention campaign speech.

Simon Ekpa asked governor ortom to be serious and make his stands non and not make it look like political statement and he said if Governor Ortom needs support from biafrans that biafrans will help them forgetting the evil benue indigenes did to them during the 1967-70 biafran nigerian war. He said Ortom must under stand that it is his brothers lives and blood that are being wasted and his brothers blood ought to be more valuable to him that this politics he is playing all the time.

He said if fulani succeeds in weakening and putting fear in the heart of benue citizens like they planned, a fulani governor will emerge in benue soonest and by then it will be late.
Simon ended the broadcast saying thank God mazi nnamdi kanu did not take chances otherwise what happened to ndigbo in 1967-70 would have happened again and even much more but kanu saw it and he floated the men of the eastern security network. And these men are serving it very hot to the fulani militant.





{oke meutan 31/3/22}.

Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa LL.M (Master of Laws) is a human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, legal researcher, author, analyst, Finnish politician, Biafra agitator and a Finnish Military reserve.
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