How Attack On Simon Ekpa Ended Lisa Kanu’s Ranting Career.

How Attack On Simon Ekpa Ended Lisa Kanu’s Ranting Career.

By Nkem Divine Sunshine
For: Biafra Writers Of Conscience, BWOC.

So much happens on social media platforms on daily basis, especially rantings.

One of the great achievements of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is getting many Biafran youths to being conversant with the fact that they can be heard, loud and clear anywhere in the world via the use of the social media; no wonder almost everyone, both Dick, Tom and Harry turned broadcaster overnight.

Everyone learnt to take their grievances to the social media, either to be heard or to settle their scores.

Several of those rantings are issues that ordinarily wouldn’t attract any form of attention out their. Some others are even bedroom matters while the majority are as irrelevant as those that posts them – but they all find their way to the social media – after all, who is the gatekeeper employed to stop them from flowing in?

Social media rantings has become so much part of the society that so many people just log in either to watch them in videos, listen to audios or even read the written ones, and then log out as if they were never there.

One of such rantings recently filled the ‘Biafran social media air space’. It was one Lisa Kanu attacking the Deputy Leader and the Spokesperson of the Indegeneous People of Biafra, Mazi Simon Ekpa.

Lisa Kanu who may have misplaced her priorities at the time attacked Simon Ekpa for an “alleged” crime committed by a lady broadcaster who was said to have made some comments against the wife of Onyendu who many feel has been too silent on the issue of her husband’s kidnap for the past ten months and still counting.

Lisa Kanu had crossed her boundaries when she insinuated in her video that Simon did not pick up a fight with the Lady broadcaster who made the comments.
She had also said that Simon was controlled by women and cannot get us Biafra.

As laughable as it appeared, Lisa’s thoughtless and senseless rantings got the Umuada provoked as it was clear that she either came to speak the mind of her paymasters within the Nigeria political arena or she was seeking cheap popularity hanging on Simon’s already made personality.

These group of women, our great Umuada, chose not to let her get away with her display – ofcourse, everyone knows how powerful and forceful the Umuada are.

They took a swipe on Lisa first for not been bold enough to confront the Lady broadcaster who made the comments but immature and unthinking enough to attack Simon for not picking up a fight with a woman in defense of another woman who can do so for herself.

Umuada in their warnings and caution to Lisa had pointed out that Simon Ekpa is a “no go area” as any such attempt would be considered as a distraction orchestrated by the enemies of Biafra restoration and would meet equal reaction from Biafrans.

These women reminded Lisa that Life is beyond bedding politicians and that it was such a surprise to hear Lisa’s blurt of ignorance on women’s role in International politics when several women have ruled and are still ruling the world in various capacities.

Umuada who has already taken their time to dig into Lisa’s profile advised her to get a life since her profile reveals that she is yet to find her feet in any endeavour and so has no authoritative say in anything politics, freedom fighting nor women’s involvement in them.

Lisa was also reminded that she was the same one who out of no respect attacked Onyendu’s person in the past, by so judging have lost moral justification to open her guts to judge another.

The women asked Lisa why she never made any videos when Chinasa Nworu insulted and called our women names, how many videos she has made against the killing of our youths in Biafraland – saying it simply goes to tell how cheaply she was bought by the Nigerian politicians to attack Simon Ekpa whom they are all getting frustrated about as there is absolutely nothing they can do about him!

Our beautiful Umuada called on Biafrans to always stand with Simon and ignore the rantings of Lisa and her likes. They asserted that they, Umuada stand solidly with Simon who has been ordained to rise and speak for Biafrans in times like these.

The Umuada’s final word to Lisa was that she should enjoy whatever money she was paid to rant but they are waiting to hear her ever bring her wagging tongue near Simon again.

One thing is certain, with the way Umuada dissected this Lisa of a lady, if she ever venture to rant unreasonably on social media again, questions may arise as to whether there was actually a home training in the first place… or a little shame left… Till then, our fingers are crossed!

Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa LL.M (Master of Laws) is a human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, legal researcher, author, analyst, Finnish politician, Biafra agitator and a Finnish Military reserve.
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