How Governor Umahi defrauded Ebonyi and continue to defraud Nigeria

Governor Umahi is said to have embark on another journey of building International Airport and with the recently rejected Anambra International Cargo airport, you do not need a prophet to tell you that the so called Ebonyi State International airport will be dead on arrival and not only Umahi knows this truth but he knows the Fulanis cannot give him the license but he want to convince you that all is well. At the end of the scam SUKUK ISLAMIC BANK WILL COME TO TAKE OVER EBONYI STATE but we will tell them that we’ve spent many years in Diaspora learning how to deal with cases like that.

This was how someone shared the ongoing mega project in Anambra International Cargo airport only for the minister to reject the licence yesterday and finally it will be called a local cargo airport! Who want to do cargo locally and which airline want to do agboro work for Nigeria airport? That’s how Obiano SUKUK ISLAMIC MONEY GONE! They Islamic bank will come for it las las.

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