If Senator Orji Uzor Kalu invite military to Abia State as he threatened to do, we’re going to ban him from entering Biafraland.

We’re giving Eha-Amufu community leader 72 hours to publicly denounce any joint task force with Miyetti Allah because if we allow it, Fulani will take over Eha-Amufu and tomorrow another will do the same and become conquered, over our dead body will that happen and if the person involved in that alliance with fulani does not denounce it after 72 hours, we’ll declare him an enemy of Biafrans.

Do you know the reason why Eha-Amufu is giving their land? Because they kidnapped Maazi Nnamdi kanu, That is why they made the decision. You think if MNK was here today, all this nonsense will be happening? No but we’re telling you that even in the absence of Maazi Nnamdi kanu, we’re going to be very rugged and do better.

Asari dokubo was sponsored to an Islamic country many years ago to learn and embrace Islam to help them conquer our land and they have been sending a lot of Biafrans to Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, etc to do the same thing.

Orji uzor kalu is paying Biafrans 1 million naira each to convert to Islam

Chinasa Bedbug Nworu was picked by an African man from the slum and sent to Kuwait to do the same thing Asari dokubo is doing but from within the struggle, and if it’s a lie ask Chinasa nworu to tell you people the story of how he ended up in Kuwait. That’s why when he was in charge of ESN, he withdrew ESN from a very important community in Enugu state which is very rich in natural resources so that Fulani will conquer there and claimed that he did it because of sabotage on ESN but the truth is that Nigerian tërrørists attack ESN everywhere not just in that community.

We are in contact with many Nations and they are ready to work with Biafra. When Biafra is declared in 2023 you’re going to know how far we’ve gone. We have gone very far, the only thing that is delaying us is money. If you want to know how serious we are, come and talk to us secretly.

And when we declare Biafra, if Germany come to fight for Nigeria, we’ll fight them. If Britain come to fight for Nigeria and give aids to Nigeria, the nations backing us will fight them both internally and externally

We need people that will fund Biafra freedom, so if you want to know how far we’ve gone, come and talk to us – if we convince you, bring your money but if we don’t convince you, you go. Of course you don’t expect us to tell you every information but the information we’re going to tell you, even if you’re Nigeria agent and you come to get that information, you’re not going to use it to do anything.

This ESN fundraising can’t do anything, the ESN fundraising is just to secure our land, it’s not what we’re going to use to declare Biafra. The fundraising is for securing our land so that as we’re proceeding to next year, let fulani not run us over.

The reason why people are not coming out to fund this freedom is because they are not sure Biafra will come in 2023, so if you know who has money to fund this freedom tell them to come and ask questions that is not anywhere in the public and I know how to shape my mouth and explain it to you, IF I CONVINCE YOU – BRING YOUR MONEY AND YOU’RE GOING TO SEE BIAFRA NEXT YEAR. I’M TELLING YOU THE FACT. SO WE NEED MEGA BOX.

The next ESN fundraising is on Saturday the 27th of August 2022 7pm Biafra time.

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Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa LL.M (Master of Laws) is a human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, legal researcher, author, analyst, Finnish politician, Biafra agitator and a Finnish Military reserve.
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