Killings across Nigeria: The making of Fulani and Hausa Empire, a must read

…..Sir Baron Roy.

What’s going on?
This is what is going on.

The Making of an Empire

A couple of years back, I had some business concerns in some neighboring countries where I had to appear in person. After the business day, I would go about in the evenings to “feel” the locality and attempt to understand the people. In all the countries near Nigeria, something profound struck me…

The Hausa and Fulani communities in the countries were substantial.

Being of Nigeria with a fair understanding of the Hausa and Fulani peoples, and a working knowledge of the Hausa language, subconsciously, I gravitated more towards them. And I learnt a great lesson.

The Hausa and Fulani in Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic, Niger, and Nigeria do play the national politics of their official countries, but do not see themselves as from different countries in reality! What this means is that the artificial boundaries drawn up by the Europeans in 1896 are not recognized by them in their hearts; they only take advantage of those artificial boundaries to further their empire but do not actually respect them.

Shocking? Absolutely true!

With this philosophy in mind, the Hausa in Ghana would endear himself with that from Niger and treat him better than the Fanté from the Western Province or Ashanté from the Cape Coast! The Hausa or Fulani in Bauchi is more culturally attached to his kinsman from Niger and Togo far ahead of his attachment to the Igbo or Yoruba! The Hausa/Fulani kingdom in West Africa made up a huge percentage of the Western Sudan (the original name of the huge country) before it was carved up in 1896 by the voyeuristic Europeans! It was a calamity that ought not have been!

This was a most profound experience for me; I returned to Nigeria thoroughly sober and with more knowledge of why the Arewa part of Nigeria acts towards Nigeria as it does; the Arewa Nigeria sees the country as a resource tool for the greater Hausa/Fualni kingdom…the Caliphate!

In recent times, the non Arewa or non Caliphate Nigerians have been aghast at the investments flowing towards Niger Republic, the influx of Fualni from all over West Africa into Nigeria, the rail line from Maradi to Daura, the crude oil supply agreement from Niger Republic to Kaduna, the refinery construction on the border between Daura and Maradi, the refined products supply from Niger to Nigeria…

And the BORDERLESS existence between Niger and Nigeria, between Northern Benin and Nigeria, between Chad and Nigeria while the borders between Southern Cameroun and Southern Benin Republics are closed and guarded by lions! People have expressed surprise…people have actually been shocked. But the only persons shocked are Southern Nigerians! The Arewa Nigerians actually regard the surprise of Southern Nigerians as EXTREMELY NAIVE!

And I agree with them; Southern Nigerians are absolutely naive!
The investments and borderless existence of Northern Nigeria with their kinsmen in Niger, Chad, Northern Benin, Northern Cameroun, etc are seen as a boost for the greater Caliphate of the Fulani with their Hausa cousins.
In Truth, it is not meant to undermine Nigeria as they see the artificial country as a tool to enhance the real country of their hearts. Unfortunately, Nigeria is inadvertently undermined!

It is important for us all to understand the underlying factors that make the Caliphate act like they do.

A significant proportion of the Fulani elite especially those in government, do not have origins in Nigeria! Most of the governors are Fulani and most have their father’s or grandfathers immigrate to Nigeria only a generation before they were born! Most of their national assembly members did immigrate to Nigeria too.

We’ve had several Heads of States that were never Nigerians in the true sense! Even Mr. Buhari’s father was NOT a Nigerian but his mother was Nigerian (Kanuri); Mr. Buhari’s father was a poultry trader from Maradi in Niger Republic. He traded “ducks” between Maradi and Daura (he was called Mai-agwagwa…the Duck Trader) and fell in love with his wife with whom Mr. Buhari was sired! But the young Mohamadu grew up with his mother’s people in Daura and became Nigerian! So our “dear” president is actually from Niger Republic by parentage but a Nigerian through his mother…or by birth.

Just so we know the origins.

Almost all elite of Fulani origins in Nigeria have at least a family home in Niger Republic! There are folks that live in Niger Republic and work in Northern Nigeria. The bond between Niger Republic and the core North of Nigeria is stronger than the binding forces of natural magnets! For all intents and purposes, Niger Republic, Chad Republic, Northern Ghana, Northern Togo, northern Benin and Northern Cameroun are bound by culture, religion, philosophy and all have you to Northern Nigeria! This vast area would have been one giant official country that would compete with Saudi Arabia in influence and riches! The Europeans came along and destroyed that great Empire with their cunning! But that Empire is not done yet; they’re rebuilding it with the epicenter in Northern Nigeria…

And the wealth of the South, under the sham arrangement of 1914, is being used now to accelerate the reemergence of a vast Empire of the Western Sudan, with the Fulani at the apex!

These are the facts that we don’t dispute! We do not begrudge them their empire; we want Restructuring or Separation so that we could also build our little empire in peace! They do not want us to have an empire in any way whatsoever. Herein lay the angst!
The fight is really not about Nigeria; it is the emergence of empires in the neighborhood! And those that shall control the resources!
Nigeria is just a victim of the scramble for resources in this Empire Building Project of the Caliphate…and the dissonant response of the Ethnic Nationalities of Southern Nigeria!

The 1999 Constitution of Nigeria is the greatest tool regressing Nigeria and the constituent nations trapped within. The lack of understanding, and the absence of strategy among the Southern Nigerian nations is most devastating… and they suffer thereof for their inordinate lack of knowledge and inexplicable naivete!


Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa LL.M (Master of Laws) is a human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, legal researcher, author, analyst, Finnish politician, Biafra agitator and a Finnish Military reserve.
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