Mazi Simon Ekpa State of The Nation Live Broadcast 24.1.2023 now avalaible to watch on enterbiafra

Follow the Biafran Restoration News live – Here, Mr Simon Ekpa brings to you the Breaking news, Awareness Programs, Biafra Restoration exhortations and Lectures, stay informed

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Great is our God and we know that what He started, He will not abandon. The LIBERATION JOURNEY is real. We will arrive in few days time. Let's continue to pray for ESN and other Militant Groups. BIAFRA IS REAL.I greet you all, Jehovah will continue to bless you all,, especially ESN MEN at bushes trying to save us from hand of the Enemies, Simon EKPA GOD WILL CONTINUE TO bless you, never mind those wekade igbo leadersHow can i watch the repeat broadcast videos.Please post the recording link on all media platforms after each broadcast. ThanksGood night too🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️This is the best platform ever very clean and this our own I love itNa Man you be Mazi Simon EkpaGod will strengthen you Mazi Simon EkpaNice one ✅️Greetings from here MaziAll hail Biafrawhiter than white 😀All hail Biafras ✊️✊️✊️✊️✊️✊️✊️✊️✊️✊️Good evening Mazi Simon God bless you ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Ga n'iru Onye ngbasa ozi anyiGood evening mazi Simon, fellow Biafran welcome to the SOTN BroadcastMazi Simon EKPA ur Ansestor are with you in large number carry goMSE CHIUKWUOKIKE ABIAMA IS YOUR FORTRESS ,WISDOM & STRENGTHMay God be with youBoss , keep livingIt's doesn't matter how small ur offer is just bring it on so far is for the betterment of our freedom And don't say okeke and Okafor is there already so u are nothing going to do something "no" It takes collective efforts to achieve bigger dream So it's Biafra or Biafra but after everything it's gonna be biafra ✍️ OGBONNA OGECHUKWU JOSEPH A.K.A BLESSED JOEDON ✅ WE ARE GOING HOME AND NO TWO WAYS ABOUT ITWe are going homeWe are Biafrans the children of the most high elohim Chukwu okike abiama ✊ this year 2023 is our year of freedom Year of total freedom from the zoologic animal republic of British company Year of total libration Year of joyful mysteries and celebration of our freedom Weather the zoo and Britain like it or not we will burn down the zoo to get our freedom starting next month february 2023 Getting our freedom is a task that every Biafran must carry out in any of ur ability It's doesn't matter how small ur offer is just bring it on so far is for the betterment of our freedom And don't say okeke and Okafor is there already so u are nothing going to do something "no" It takes collective efforts to achieve bigger dream So it's Biafra or Biafra but after everything it's gonna be biafraGreetings fellow Biafrans 🙋‍♂️Shalom MaziSimon the choosen one!!! May Gods will be established in our lives this year... Iseeee!!!Great is the lordGod bless you Mazi Simon with all the work 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻It's wellCAN YOU IMAGINE THAT FOOLS EVERYWHERE 😳Wow Wow wow thanks so much for coming online today my dear lovely son Hon.Barr.Mazi Simon Ekpa 😘 I'm very Happy and grateful and proud of you the Great Son and Spokesperson of Biafra worldwide 🌐 ❤️ 💙Good evening Mazi Simon ❣️ ❣️❣️❣️❣️NwaChineke Ndewo ❤️welcome mazi Simon EkpaAll hail BiafraGod with you, the hope for Biafra restorationHiGreat job MaziWe moveAll hail Biafrathe great dragon you are holding them in their scrotumGood evening sir 💪💪💪 wotowoto por Max God will help you and will be by your sideKeep up with good jobHi everyoneWe are here already, waiting for today's expositions. Remain blessed as you fulfill your God's given assignments.You're indeed called for this job in a time like this. Biafrans are with you mazi. Ji de nke ijiMazi Simon Ekpa the Biafran spoke Man, we love what you are doing.Follow who know roadI am resting at the gym nowSimon, when do you rest? In the last video you looked illGod is GreatYour welcome here 🌹Mazi Simon Ekpa continue doing the good work you are doing chukwu abiama is with you and Biafra must be restored this yearObi is thinking that he is smart, and so are the other elites, politicians, and elders think that they can use our struggle for their political growth, but we will also show them that we are smarterThank you Simon for all you do, I finally was able to enter Biafra. I have been writing and asking everybody to show me how to get here.AGAIN....THERE IS NO REFRESHING .... THANKS 👍 SO MUCH FOR THIS HIGH QUALITY MEDIA. IT IS 4K.....NOT THE 2K.OF YOUTUBEWhen you see people answer EJIOFOR be careful that name is caused by Biafra EJIOFOR meaning now is betrayalsObi is a scammer and a distractionFire 🔥 on Dragon 🐲 NwaChinekeGood evening sir 💪💪💗💪 wotowoto por MaxPicture quality is second to none enterbiafra is our own.God bless you Simon. Greatest Biafran people how una DeehI AM SO MUCH HAPPY , FINALLY I COULD START WATCHING LIFE AGAIN FROM ENTERBIAFRA.COM. THESE IS LOVELY, MORE THAN EVERY OTHER PLATFORMS. WE MOVE. ALL HAIL BIAFRA.Simon you need to have some rest. You don't sound the same.Good to be hereIseee iseeee iseeeee 🙏The book is called Day by Day English Course.All Autopilot IPOB come out anywhere you are let us give world Igbo congress wotowoto wotowoto wotowoto wotowoto pro maxHellooooGOOD EVENING MAZI SIMON EKPA, WE BIAFRANS LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCHI'm very proud to be a Biafran and this very year we must restore our Great Country Republic of biafra and no Election for the Zoo Republic of Animal Kingdom Nigeria in Biafraland 🙏🏻🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🙏🏻💪Welcome all BiafraFinally i don landGood evenings from Germany 🇩🇪. My Son Hon.Barr.Mazi Simon Ekpa. The Lord our God Almighty is your strength 💪 🙏🏻 🙌 ❤️ ✨️ and victory ✌️ is for us Biafra.. .we Move 🙏🏻❤️🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷💪🙏🏻🙌❤️✨️Ndewonu Umuchineke ❤️Greetings Mazi SimonGood evening great Biafrans. You are for Nigeria, sorry you are a human with animal brainWe’re here waiting for the great dragonMAZI SIMON you are on the right track keep hit hard on on zoo because we must exist this British company called Liegeria, please brother I know u are trying alot but for this to move into the village and more we need the app to come to work so that it will be easy for our mother and father to download it and listen to you directly we must make it work fast thanksGoing forward every broadcast will be uploaded for watch hereWe moveHello allWe moves bro wootoowootoo is the kiyThis year is the year, we are rest assured !!! Lets support whole heartedly and with zeal. The Chukwuokike will do the rest for us.🤣All hail BiafraKeep it upIf you have not seen before see it hereALL HAIL BIAFRA!!!Great job✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿Nobody can stop Biafra from exiting Nigeria this yearThat guy that were removing people was displaying pornGreat 👍🏻 👌 👍🏻 ❤️🙏🏻I'm very proud and happy to be here. God bless Hon.Barr.Mazi Simon Ekpa and all Autopiloted Ipob worldwide 🌐 🙏🏻 ❤️ 🙌 🇸🇷🇸🇷🌄🇸🇷🌄🇸🇷♥️👏🏻Please where can I see the pass video here and watch am looking for the this afternoon broadcastSpecial thanks to the Biafra spokesperson MSE for doing great job! It pleases Living God when He chooses a man to do the needful and the man in question gives his time, energy and blood to get the job done for the glory of Almighty God who doesn't share His glory with any man. Viewers all over the world; pray for MSE more and more. He is changing gears in the very liberation movement of Biafra people. Biafrans must lead standard life as God has mandated & as we in the countries people with brain and vision are in government offices serving all inhabitants of their beautiful nations! All revere God Almighty!THIS ONE PASS PETER OBIObi is also yahoo yahooIn the ralm of the spirit there is no nigeria anymore. Nigeria is deadUdo diri gi MSE#BreakTheNews Powerful Message From Ogie Finally Enter Here. God Bless You Great Simon EkpaThere Is No Going Back In Our Plan To End Nigeria This Year 2023, Woto Woto Is Fully Activated.Great Simon Ekpa, I called you lgodo We greet you from UbiajaWe move with speedPeter obi will use mad people and Fraudsters to garnished his government.Good evening Mazi EkpaGOOD EVENING MAZI SIMON EKPAGood evening my leader may your days belongfinally i hereAutomaticallyIncrease the volume they are killing our people in Dubai because of BiafraGreatSir are you testing our platform because am here waiting for you ooooooooOnce Upon A Time There Was A Great Friend And A Brother From Another Womb With The Name Agaba Idu 1 Of Ngbo Kingdom, This Guy Is More Than Great, He Does What Few Men Can Do, And He Knows Himself Very Well, Story Continue Next Time.WaitingAbsolutely correct 👍🏻All Hail Autopiloted Biafra worldwide 🌐 🙌 👏🏻 🙏🏻 ❤️Thank you MSE for being tough as MNK 💪🧡💯✊️Greetings my peopleAll hail Biafran's. The people of Biafra our code is trending. We move faster and fastest not!! even In channel 2 the comment section is working download is very easy, I love thisNothing is hidden, Africans are always great.We move!We moveWhat you don't know is than you, up Mazi Simon ekpa, MNK must be free.Hi am thereBiafra is coming this very year 2023. God bless Mazi Simon Ekpa the Great Spokesperson of Biafra worldwide 🌐 🙏🏻 ❤️Excellentyou mean you are commenting without VPN?what a powerful website you can even add picture to your comment.super, I thank God for this tchnologyrightGreat!Thank you, we are working onGood evening sir 💪💪💪 wotowoto por MaxBy suspending Simon's account, YouTube has inadvertently started their own downfall;More people will now know that there are better options outside of YouTube! Very soon, many people & companies may begin to opt for their own platforms. Please Mazi Simon, see if you can add a 'Like Button' So we can Like the channel.& share the platform..God bless you tooRight now I registered without VPN which I believe everyone in zoo can do so am chat from LagosMay God continue to bless you Mazzi Simon Ekpa Njoku you remains on the part of the truth you've never for once go against our leader #MNK idealogy to achieve Biafra, you fourth to defend #MNK and his structure and mandate at all time we Biafrans love❤️ and appreciate all your efforts, at the 🔚 the truth will/must prevail. May God protect our leader #MNK isee!!Are you commenting from zoo?I want to comment on our platform and tell some people in zoo that you can register without VPNWe stand on no election in biafra land. We are tired to live in fear alway in our own father's land. I wish I could do magic. I believe in you MSE. You are always on point. Thank you for coming out.Thank you all! How are you enjoying the comment sectionHe want Igbo people to die where they are, but will not support them to donate money to help safeguard Biafra or even die for Biafra with some dignity instead of dying "where they are" and be forgotten after their useless elections, which won't even hold in Biafra Land anyway!He is literally saying that the whole Biafran Nation should vote for Obi who claims not to be a Biafran because I don’t see why he will mention only the tribes in Biafra. His smartness is a stupid one.Kanayo only know how to kiss women that is his professional even what is saying this could not explain it well🇲🇼🐕‍🦺⚖THESE NOLLYWOOD IGBOS ARE JUST MEJUO OKWO NDI AI like you SimonKanayo is actually putting the lives of Ndi Igbo in those states in Danger; With this kind of speech, he is making them targets of hatred and attacks by the indigenes of those states - And I don't think he even understands it,You are absolutely correct. Here in UK From birth to university , each child's care and education is assured. When a child is born , you already know when the child will graduate from university- NO STRIKE in EDUCATION SYSTEMAnd women get child benefits per head of the each childFinally I can commentMSE another wise oneMany of the children of Biafra will be greatYou are amazingThis is best I love it to hell with YouTube and FacebookGood evening maziGod bless You Mazi Simon Ekpa ihe dika gi akokwana BIAFRA. We love You ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Kanayo you don fuck up big time.This our platform is better than other platform like YouTubeAll hail BiafrasThe dragon you are a true son of his excellency Nnamdi kanu. Ihe agba na-aka ejighi enyo enyoteyaHi everyoneMAZI, THE PICTURE IS SO SHARPMazi onye agoziri agozi ka ibu.Good evening great BiafransGood evening Mazi Simon ekpaMay God Almighty continue to bless you Simon ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤Good evening SimonAll hail BiafrasConfirmedGOOD EVENING BIAFRANS AND EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE...well done Mazi Simon Ekpayour foresight with this channel is unrivalled sir, we that are attracted to the truth will always find you. Remain blessedHappy to login to my enterbiafraThank youGood day Mazi Simon, I’m glad to find this new channel. May chukwu okike abiama keep guiding you through this difficult journey. Iseeee Iseeee Iseeee All hail Biafra.Thank you! We moveTo God be all the glory. If any Biafran is still doubting that MSE is on a divine mission, that person should be marked as one of the 1st innate of BIAFRA Rehab Center. Autopilot We Move!!Testing3Testingtest3test2testtesting[…] BREAKING! Simon Ekpa Live broadcast responding to @UN ECOWAS comment on Nigeria election & refug… […]testing[…] […][…] Our live broadcast will start 7pm Biafra where I will display some medals for the efululefus and the… […]commentingtestingtesting 2testingyeahhellohellotestingTestinggood article[…] NDA Attack: Free Mazi Nnamdi Kanu now or more trouble coming to Nigeria, Mbaka warns FG […][…] Armed groups, terrorists training together to attack Nigeria, other African nations – United Natio… […][…] Abba Kyari: NPF SPECIAL INVESTIGATION PANEL ON DCP ABBA KYARI YET TO SUBMIT REPORT […][…] We’re Coming After You To Reclaim Our Lands, Communities – 400 Northern Groups Threatens Herdsme… […][…] We expect youths to save Nigeria from collapse: APC […][…] Ohanaeze Worldwide: Denying Igbo 2023 Presidency Will Worsen Secessionist Agitations […][…] Nigeria army now designers in placard, they design and hand them over to their lovers Boko Haram to … […][…] Sources […][…] BREAKING: Fulanis claims they will fish out the bad eggs, it is a scam! “There are ‘bad eggs’ … […][…] BREAKING: Fulanis claims they will fish out the bad eggs, it is a scam! “There are ‘bad eggs’ … […][…] YORUBA NATION REPORT ON LEGAL AFFAIRS […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] Sources […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […]How can I watch you live? I can't find you live, Simon; please guide me. Thanks.[…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] Happening now Live on enterbiafra channel 1 we are analysing Bruce Fein, IPOB v Nigeria Government […][…] If you missed last night live broadcast on IPOB v FG, a case before American court as presented by B… […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] GLOBAL PROTEST: MEGA RALLY, PLEASE START NOW TO ORGANISE, SUPPORT, AND SPONSOR A TRIP […][…] This afternoon by 2:30pm Biafra, if you say you want Nigeria of your dream, we don’t want to be pa… […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] Boko Haram Fighters Ambush Nigerian Soldiers Escorting Borno APC Party Chieftains […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […]The only thing that will make the zoo government listen to Biafra is if we cripple the oil infrastructures in Biafra land. No two ways about it. Without that, and as long as oil money from Biafra land keeps flowing to zoo government, the foolani government will not be moved to listen to us.[…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […]Thank you all for watching through this channel 1. please share is to all your friends and pages on social media[…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] As the Government sponsored Jihad continues across Nigeria, six people slaughtered in Jos […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] Watch CCTV Footage of the attempted assassination of Barr Ejiofor’s in his Home by Nigeria army an… […]God Bless you for your good work[…] Watch the video of all terrorists groups in Nigeria coming together for final Jihad/war […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] Addressing Ex President Jonathan and others on Nigeria dangerous diversity […][…] Video of Gumi claiming IPOB kills police and army while Bandits are kidnapping only children to make… […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] law, transported him to Badagry Hospital for treatment. But sadly, the customs officer died at about 6:40 p.m. Thursday morning in the hospital. Eventually, Sulaiman shot himself and died there, ”the newspaper said, according […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] sources told The Press that the rebels attacked Jiddari general area of ​​the city about 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, shooting in the […][…] attack was carried out by security forces on Saturday afternoon in the Tahoua region of West Africa, near where an attack killed 137 civilians in March.It is clear […][…] security force and injured many civilians during a raid on a crowded market.What happened happened on Monday morning and Shiroro Local Government Area (LGA) of the State.The newspaper reported that police raided a […][…] in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state.Journalists gathered that the police officers were shot while on duty at about 7:30 PM Wednesdayincluding Nwezenyi and Abakaliki […][…] mobile police officers were shot dead by some gunmen, Monday night, while on duty at a checkpoint in Dogongawa, along KatsinaAla-Takum road in Takum Local Government […][…] Source link […][…] Source link […][…] Source link […][…] Source link […][…] Source link […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] murdered alongside the chairman of the association in Toto Local Government Area, Mohammed Umar, on Friday night.Police Public Relations Officer in Nasarawa, Ramham Nansel, confirmed the tragic incidents in a […][…] I’m from Obeagu-Egedegede community in the Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. It was on Monday afternoon, when some little children who went hunting in the bush rushed back home and started saying they […][…] Source link […][…] Local Government Area of the state.The Press correspondent gathered that some Terrorists Herdsmen on Friday afternoonattacked a retired school principal, Ojedokun Ogunmodede.The reason why his assailant attacked him […][…] Source link […][…] was gathered that the abductors stormed the farm at noon, shot sporadically and took the Chinese nationals to an unknown destination.The Police Public […][…] Source link […][…] Source link […][…] two residents.An indigene of the community, Dr Umar Ardo, said the gunmen arrived in the town around 1am on Sunday and abducted the two community leaders at gunpoint after subduing the local vigilantes.“For the […][…] Source link […][…] Source link […][…] Source link […][…] of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) were kidnapped in Kaduna Friday evening.The gunmen are suspected to be bandits who have been terrorizing the Northwest region.Head, Media […][…] Source link […][…] to the information gathered, the gunmen were able to access the quarters at about 8.15 pm and started shooting sporadically.Initially, three people including the husband of the abducted […][…] students came as bandits, suspected to be gang members of the late Terwase Agwaza, alias Gana, on Wednesday evening opened fire on traders at Abaji in Katsina-Ala Local Government Area of Benue State, killing one […][…] Source link […][…] Source link […][…] Source link […][…] Source link […][…] Source link […][…] accompanied his claim with an image and this link,…. But, this is a misrepresentation of fact, AllNews’ probe […][…] Source link […][…] Source link […][…] Source link […][…] Source link […][…] Source link […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] pounced on several communities around Damari, Saulawa and Randagi, claiming about 30 lives in one week.Having lived in Damari for 12 years, Hannatu Ibrahim has now moved to Dogon Dawa to settle with her […][…] Source link […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] the attack, a resident Fantami Kura told The Press that the gunmen stormed the community at about 5:30 am when they were going to the mosque for prayers. “We came out as usual around 5.30 am for […][…] was shot at by terrorists in the axis.Sources informed that the insurgents stormed the Damasak Sunday evening in a convoy of gun trucks loaded with Improvised Explosive Devices, IEDs, and Rocket Propelled […][…] Source link […][…] Source link […][…] from Calabar to Ibadan with a CROSS-COUNTRY  transport company. I last spoke to her at exactly 7:37p.m. when she told me she was at ijebu ode heading to Ibadan.“After waiting for at least 3hrs coupled […][…] Source link […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] Source link […][…] Source link […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] and opened fire on the village,” said resident Lawwali Umeh.“We buried 16 dead bodies this afternoon. Nine others are badly injured,” Umeh added.An official from the area, Saidu Naino Ibrahim, […][…] N5million ransom each from the victims.Another source said the abductors had waylaid the traders on Saturday, at about 4:45 am in Iwofin, an area around Olorunda, kidnapping about five people including the driver of the […][…] staff of the school, who begged for anonymity,  said the bandits arrived in the school around 1am on Friday with Hilux vehicles and motorcycles and forcefully evacuated the students.He narrated that some of […][…] Helsinki, HK 00100Email: info@enterbiafra.comPhone: +358 50 318 […][…] men were even more ruthlessly beaten by the bandits.He said, “We couldn’t get any food to eat, from 1 o’clock till night, but they later fed us; and after feeding us, they began to ask for our fathers’ occupations and […]Sinon Ekpa good jobs every thing we We are learning from you ThanksI cannot look at these but it is true, you have warn them. I am not sure if people can just leave, what if they have families to support? It must be a hard decision to make but loosing your life in this way, so young, much harder.We are waiting but the broadcast I suggest should come earlier on weekendsGod is with usGod bless you NwaChinekeOne love broREAL INSANEThat news actually emanated from one of the former member of IPOB principal officers who opened radio recently to promote a campaign of Calumny against MNK. I don't want to mention name. It was his bought followers that first released the news but we aren't bothered anyway because we know what we are doing and we know that our leader is neither Osama Bin Laden nor Shekau. He is not Buhari or a wanted Corrupt Zoo politicians.So why will he be Arrested?. If he wasn't arrested when he travelled from Umuahia in Biafraland to Israel without his siezed Passport by Buhari after his home's invasion and assassination attempt by the Zoo Terrorist Soldiers, why now? People are just too gullible to believe anything and they also forget so soon. Stupid helpless black brains.Why i dont get Simon Ekpa live broadcast even if i Google enter biafra .com .log on i dont see any broadcast or notificationMAZI SIMON MAY YOUR DAYS BE LONG NWA CHINEKE AND MAY CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA BLESS YOU AND OUR SUPREME LEADER MAZI NNAMDI KANU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO RESTORE THE LAND OF BIAFRA.God bless you broGood eveningWe told them about the danger of service for Nigeria 🇳🇬Where and how I get Simon ekpa recent brocastGreetings allDaalu Nwa Chineke.Nice one thanks for the awarenessThe broadcast is very clear here on enter BiafraGreed is a very deadly disease, May God have mercy on our so called rulers with misplaced priorities.These sellouts are inconsequential in the struggle. The most important thing now is that the lord has remembered us and sent MNK on a very important mission which can never be truncated by anyone. God’s got the back of MNK and the ESN.My love for our Nation Biafra ehh..Ok is like i am now welcome to this our new site, umu chineke shalom to you all.Great work from by able wisdom commanderMore grace Simon Ekpa biafra struggle will not be in vain , we are marching forward iseeeeeWestern Africa (17) - Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Côte D'Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Saint Helena, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and TogoHiALL HAIL BIAFRA17its 18 Benin Benin, Burkina Faso Burkina Faso, Cabo Verde (English: Cape Verde) Cape Verde, The Gambia The Gambia, Ghana Ghana, Guinea Guinea, Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau, Côte d'Ivoire (English: Ivory Coast) Ivory Coast, Liberia Liberia, Mali Mali, Mauritania Mauritania, Niger Niger, Nigeria Nigeria, Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha United Kingdom; Senegal Senegal, Sierra Leone Sierra Leone, and Togo Togo.we move no time for gossip,Welcome bro SimoneAha gi bu akpi n'agba Naijiria gomenti 😂😂The zoo Nigeria is finishedThrough God we succeed. All hail Biafra.No voice heard, even though the computer volume is on 100%Happy New Year to you and your family my dear brother Mazi Simon Ekpa. It is well with you. Thank you for all your selfless services. I decree and declare that Biafra will definitely emerge this year. Amen 🙏Happy New YearI'm lucky hereALL HAIL BIAFRAGood evening Mr SimonWe move 💪This is cool bro.All must continue to hail biafraBiafrans are making progressWhy is Facebook using our cookies and website data why browsing here?God bless Biafra heroAll hail biafraConfirm, I can share now..Unravelling the impunity in the zooWe must continue..Good evening simon you all are doing a greater job am so proud of you allGo to the Videos Menu and you will see the previous broadcastOur brother Mr Simon Ekpa, you're God sent and you will never lack wisdom and knowledge. Iseeee. God is your strength .Nice one Simon Ekpa. Please keep it up.I love the level you are taking us Biafran’s toHow can some one be able to view previous videos if you unable to meet up with the live streamGod bless you NwachinekeFinally I’m here. Thanks to Chukwuokike abima. Mazi Simon Ekpa I pray for more increase on every aspect of your life to continue this great work in Jesus name. It’s seems like I missed today’s broadcast. How do I get notification?The live streaming program has just suddenly stopped now, MSE.I suspect that must be that social media robber, Magnus Oraka! That man is a beggar, thief and lair. I don't know him from adam, he called me up on FB messager repeatedly because I used to watch his online videos then; and when I eventually picked his call, he told me how his family was suffering, that there was nothing in house for his children and wife to eat. I was touched and I immediately remitted some thousands of naira to him, just for the concern of his family. The same poor fool is against Biafra and our Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Magnus Oraka would suffer.My first time commenting on this new site lovely to be part of the supporter of Biafra 💯❤️🌲No amount of distraction can change what God is doingAm sorry, you expressed this, but don't stop being good. I know its painful as we live with the good, bad and ugly.We are ready and we will success in the fight.yes it is not hangingThis project is immensely fabulousFinally made it here registeringYou are doing a wonderful job, second to noneBrethren with this we are good to go thank you Simon keep it on as for those of us who found it easy registering should register for those that find it difficult as for me i was able to do mine on phone through chromeGood workHello You can view the last broadcast by visiting the videos on the page and select do we watch how do I see the last broadcast I am always struggling I thought it should be here alreadyWe are building a page greater than Facebook and with our freedom to bring the realities of Nigerian government atrocities to the world. Join us on:www.enterbiafra.comWe moveGod bless Biafra umu chineke and my leader Mazi Nnamdi KanuAll hail BiafraYes o ! Indeed it's a fail stateForward Ever and Backward Never. All Hail Biafra.Great Simon , We are almost there. All hail Biafra.Your information is secured with us. Facebook did not hack Simon Ekpas's account. It was blocked because the Nigeria Government are afraid of our expositions. register yourself and be informedWE MOVE GOD BLESS ALL BIAFRANS THE GOOD ONES NOT THOSE SABOTAGING US.Thank you for all you are doing with all the team. ShalomI am watching this program with you today 27.12.2020i am watching this program with youwatching live with youCool siteNo Biafra No PeaceWhat exactly is your problem? Are you here as a spy or as a Biafran? Or are you here to show envy and jealous? You know exactly what is going on in your mind and you are probably shocked, why I am replying to you this way, right? Please this is not Facebook, this is for freedom fighters. -SEI cannot see you live on this website.Please respond to my question so that I will know that I am on the right page or web site.Since your zoo government hick your phone and other information. Do you think our information on this site is secured.I have completed registration, I cannot see you live.We move.Great. God bless you Nwachineke. Please Ùmù Chineke, let us all help in sharing this site on all social media. Very important. All hail BiafraThis is very nice Simon.Keep it upCreating account is not hard just keep trying, remember the website is being put together. #WEMOVEBIAFRA is our last hope no going backMerry Christmas Mazi Simon ekpa God bless you and your household for all your good work, more grace and wisdom sirAll hail BiafraMerry Christmas Mr SimonWe are on stoppable All hail BiafraWe move.Thank you and I wish you the sameI'm wishing you and your family a joyous Christmas and a prosperous new year Mr Simon. We are really missing you, I hope all is wellThis is wonderful, mazi ekpa more grace to youThank you Alina Katan for your support!Have a very Blessed Christmas. I'm glad I see this broadcast. I just got my Facebook removed for some reason unknown.Yes High Chief Simon Epka, am here now, less move on.Mazi Simon, it's important we continue these fight..We're yet to receive notification for today's lecture..we moveGreat Job brother keep it up All hail BiafraAll hail BiafraNice one mazi Simon Ekpa! All hail Biafra!Great job here by the choosing one Simon Ekpa🖤❤️🖤❤️👑💯All Haill Biafra, we move.Nigerian government are working together with Boko Haram contract business, we are going to our promise land of BiafraGreat to be hereKeep up the good work Simon and the teamGood evening MaziBiafra restoration is a mustAll must hail Biafra. Biafrans WE MOVEWE MOVE!good eveningGod bless all Biafrans all over the world.we must continue.Wow! we are moving forwardMazi Simon, you are great! This is exactly the confirmation of the Igbo saying that "Dimkpa taa aki, ahu ichere ya". You are really making the entire Biafran restoration struggle colourful and interesting. We must achieve the freedom of Biafra from Nigeria by the Special Grace of Chukwuokike Abiama! We Move!Biafran Nation, The land of the Rising Sun, the hope of African continent! Where God Almighty reigns Supreme! Mazi Simon Ekpa, May God strengthen you the more! We Move!Nice job MSE We love you for the wonderful job you doing.. We pray for more strength instead BRONice job MSE We love you for the wonderful job you doing.. We strength BROThank God for brave people like you and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Biafra or Death and God will see us through this taskSir you are doing a greet work kudosYou're the best. keep doing the good job that god sent you to do for our people. Thanks!Good job mazi. god bless youzoological republic of Animal kindom called nigeria is not a nation, the sitution of zoo called nigeria is very pathetic indeed no hope in Nigeria, Nigeria has no president that is why citizns are dying daily basis in the hands of nigeria govt, Hoko Haram is a business with Nigeria Govt.Biafra will come in our time, i thank MNK,IPOB & Simon EKpa for the good is doing for Biafrans.Thank you SimonThanks. Great job done. More wisdom and God's guide.Freedom of biafra we wantI🥰👍I welcome you everyone, live broadcast will start soon. You will never miss any broadcast from today. The notification will come directly to your email whenever we are live or post anything. Immediately we start, I will explain what this site represents in details. Thank you for joining, Facebook can’t stop us. -SEGoodThank you so much my dear brother, Simon, I will say to you that, Any soul who thinks Biafra will not come be, such a soul do not suppose to live, you do need to explain too much to Nigerians, because they have no insight of life and no will power to open pages of books. Irrespective of their beliefs about Biafra. Do not forget there was a country, and that country was Biafra. "We wish only to try to show that the idea of progress is due for revision. If we sometimes have the feeling that we have fallen from the height of time, we need not despair, for this is a fall from a misapprehension that might actually turn out to give us reason to hope"(Chantal D.) From 1960 till present day, no leader had/ has the will power to lead a people. they were /are all decadents. Keep on doing the good work. Thank you. E. James Ubom
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