Python can no longer dance in the North as Fulani Jihadists, Boko Haram and ISWAP seize military base in northeast Nigeria and are now in control of large Military hardwares

Jihadists aligned with the Islamic State militant group have captured a military base in northeast Nigeria’s Borno state after overnight clashes with troops, sources told AFP on Saturday.

Those one Nigerianists, if you are yet to understand that you are rounded by military who are compromised and are ready to help their terrorists brothers run you over, then your mental state need to be examined. It will shock you that Boko Haram are in total control of many territories in the Northern Nigeria and the people are killing are all indigenous people that they feel may be a threat to them. By the time they are done dealing with them in the North, they will not focus fully to the South, may by then you will understand.
The only solution to this is disintegration of Nigeria to stop the killing and conquest.

Python can no longer dance in the North

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