Re: “One of the first things the APC government of Ebonyi state in 2019 will do immediately it assumes office is to proscribe……” A rejoinder by Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa

The factional publicity secretary to one faction of Ebonyi State APC has started dishing out their party manifesto; he gave the first shot today 3rd of July 2018, so, I will be taking on his point by point.

The factional publicity secretary wrote:

“One of the first things the APC government of Ebonyi state in 2019 will do immediately it assumes office is to proscribe the phenomena called “technical assistants and senior technical assistants” to the governor.

The incumbent governor, David Umahi, introduced these things at the expense of promoting our civil servants and employing new ones or paying them human-faced salaries.”

First of all, we all have to believe that whatever he dishes out to the public is a mandate given to him by his factional party. Here he submitted that the APC would proscribe the office of TAs and STAs, he claimed that in their economic policy, a way to create a job is by proscribing these offices because Umahi introduced these offices at the expense of creating jobs in Ebonyi State. So, the question is, how many TAs and STAs do we have in Ebonyi State? Are they up to 1000 TAs and STAs? If you proscribe 1000 STA and TAs and then employ 1000 people, what is the difference? This is exactly why APC at the Federal level killed our economy; they know nothing about the economy. When Buhari came in they used the same tactics and policy, first, they sacked, second, about 3million Nigerians lost their job and recession hit the ground. So, they recruited 200 thousand people and advertised it and announced it at the National TV NTA. So, subtract 200 thousand people from 3million people as at then, you have 2.8million Nigerians losing their jobs because of APC “proscription of the workable economic policy”, who says that TAs and STAs are not employment?

Hear him again:

“80% of these people who occupy the offices of TAs and STAs to the governor on this and that are kidnappers, known serial killers, armed robbers, rapists, serving prison inmates and past criminals who still indulge in heinous crimes.”

What is more heinous than murdering your party members in the name of ward congress? What is more heinous than engaging in physical combat in the presence of your President and over 2000 police and civil defence personnel in Eagle Sq.? What is more heinous than invading the National Assembly by APC thugs and stealing our national mace? What is so heinous than serially killing and attacking factional group members in Ebonyi by other factional groups of APC? What is more heinous than aiding Fulani herdsmen to point and kill Nigerians at will with the support of APC led federal government, the list is endless. You alleged that these people are criminals, are you the authority that investigated, prosecuted and sentenced them?

So, what is the APC manifesto here?

Again he wrote:

“Gov Umahi knows these touts and has continued to use them in carrying out malfeasant missions. One of the technical assistants from his village who doubles as his cameraman, Francis Nwaze, was last year docked by the police for raping an Ebonyi state university undergraduate to a pulp.

The same guy still works with him.”

You just said docked by the police, I didn’t read you say imprisoned, so what is the APC manifesto here?

He wrote:

“These criminals (some 20% in exclusion anyway) numbering one thousand occupy the state township stadium, Ebonyi hotel, the amusement park, a part of government where they perch like flies, liquor joints owned by their members and other places.

As we all know, these TAs and STAs have no office where they assemble. They only attend meetings at anywhere it is convened by the power-drunk younger brother of the governor, Austin Umahi.”

As far as I know, the irresponsible person here is the factional publicity secretary, who publicly posted a picture on how he drinks Beer while dishing garbage to the public in the name of trying to write for his factional party.

So, how does this affect Umahi’s performance?

What is the APC manifesto here?

Again he wrote:

“The APC government will never disturb the sanity of Ebonyi people with the creation of stupid offices for political gratification or whatever purpose.”

Did you listen to the double standard? APC that is already causing havoc in Ebonyi State with their small group by attacking each other physically. Tussling for who gets what position and whose interests should be protected etcetera. Sometimes I wonder whether this boy realises that the people reading his defence for a dead on arrival party in Ebonyi State are not villagers.

Again he wrote:

“These TAs and STAs are drugs addicts, living after whomever they pay obeisances to!

Worse still, their female counterparts are also nuisances.”

There are two types of nuisance, public nuisance and social media nuisance. Apparently, you have become the definition of both.

I was thinking I am going to respond to a manifesto, but look what a publicity secretary of a supposed political party wrote for public consumption.

Ebonyi people must resist and reject APC and its affiliates, who have nothing to offer.

Hon. Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa LL.M (Master of Laws) is a human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, legal researcher, author, analyst, Finnish politician, Biafra agitator and a Finnish Military reserve.
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