Responding to Chimamanda Adiche. Igbos already united for Biafra not for Presidency. -Simon Ekpa

Igbos can’t unite for presidency yet talk about Biafra — Chimamanda Adichie

“There is no Biafra. There are new movemnets but, for me, it’s a question of being practical. Where would the border be? What propelling these movements is a sense of marginalisation, which I think is completely valid.”

Responding to my sister, we the Igbo people are already United in Biafra agitation, but the question is WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT?
We are divided in Presidency but United in Biafra, even you admitting there is valid reason for Biafra agitation already make you come to agreement with us.
Again the question is, what have you done to support the unity you ask for? We need everyone in this ship.


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