Simon Ekpa Prophecy transcript, 23.08.2021 written by Ada Alina Katan

Write up of Simon Ekpas Prophecy Monday 23.8.2021:

“Today I have come to the prophecy of this special Monday. We have almost 10 000 people viewing….

And our prophesy goes like this ; I am not here to say something out of context. To those of you who were watching me when I was giving the message of Autopilot

That was in July..
And on the 28th of July, Nigeria news media reported it.

So if you go and check out the Autopilot, it was on the 28th of July, not even this month.

Now, Autopilot resurface again when this whole thing started and a lot of people started to say “IPOB is not an Autopilot we don’t know what is Autopilot, a lot of people even issued press statements that anybody going by name autopilot is not one of us..” and all that.

I have never said that IPOB is on autopilot.

I have corrected that impression, that was wrong impression, there is nowhere you can see there’s saying ” IPOB is on autopilot” No.

No – what I say was ” Biafra struggle has entered Autopilot.”

The Reason why I don’t play the #sitathome people observing today, is that our leader has given order to stop the sitathome.

But I have received advice from a lot of people not to attack the message which i received from G-d, which is the word #AUTOPILOT. So I’m not going to preach against that message that the Holy Spirit gave me, because the message is not against IPOB.

The message is also not For the IPOB, the message is, the struggle has entered the autopilot.
… And there are so many groups, that are fighting for #Biafra including those who belong to group and those who don’t belong to group, so for this reason, and because I have listened a lot of advices, so for that reason I will not preach against the autopilot, because it has nothing against IPOB.

  • Because it is a message I received from G-d, and today I come to deliver another message ;

If you were all listening to the message I was delivering, I was also advising the DOS, the Biafra leadership, I was advising them, whether they took me serious, or didn’t took me serious I don’t know, but I was advising them :

They Need To Pray To God! To Give Them Wisdom To Handle This Autopilot.
That was in July. July!
And what is happening is happening in August.
I was advising them:

“Pray To God To Give Them Wisdom To Handle Autopilot.”

Because Autopilot means, we have entered a very dangerous stage. And this dangerous stage is not dangerous as Bad.
It can also be a very positive dangerous stage, I don’t know how to put it..

That. If they don’t Apply Wisdom – Okay?
.. If they don’t apply wisdom, it is going to be very difficult.

I also went further to say that in this Autopilot, we may have no control over what happens. This is the message I passed IN July.
July.. And after that I begin to advise the DOS to Seek The Face Of God to get the wisdom to be able to control this what is to come.
And then I also said that if they are able to control what is coming,

We Are Going To HIT THE JACKPOT, and it’s not late yet.

So the Message the Holy Spirit has asked me to tell you today, to the people of Biafra;

Is that

  • I see danger coming, the positive danger.
  • I see this self imposed sitathome being extended.
  • I see Tuesday
  • I see Friday…
    And the thing I am pleading to the leadership is, before this thing is to this point, my message to the governors of Southeast : The stage this thing is going to enter now, will be very disastrous.

The people are being controlled by unforeseen Energy. Energy that is stronger than anything.


And the only thing that will stop this, ONLY THING THAT WILL STOP THIS, This message is for the governors:

The only thing that will stop this what is to come, is To #MmaziNnamdiKanu to be transferred from the DSS prison, DSS detention to a place where people can hear Him.


So I challenge every governor in Eastern Nigeria, if you do not want to Witness ECONOMIC MELTDOWN in Entire Biafra…

5 MILLION BIAFRAN HAVE DIED, and people continue to die..
The Spirit Over Biafra..
Is Veeery very Strong.


The Southeast witness very bad economic meltdown in few months to come, and people will no longer know what they are doing.

The only solution to this is that THE GOVERNORS must Rise Up From Tomorrow! Tomorrow the 24th day of the August..

To let Mazi Nnamdi Kanu – I did not say release him..

-Mazi Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa LL.M (Master of Laws) is a human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, legal researcher, author, analyst, Finnish politician, Biafra agitator and a Finnish Military reserve.
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