Soludo “WHAT HAS CHANGED”? ~~~SIMON EKPA. 25/3/22 night broadcast.

Soludo “WHAT HAS CHANGED”? ~~~SIMON EKPA. 25/3/22 night broadcast.

Certain persons have used adjectives like sincerity and consistency to describe the nature of soludo and how these two qualities made him win the 2021 anambra state elections.

Let’s do a brief run down on soludo and reason of indeed this guy is consistent and sincere.

Biafrans you all know nigerian political class. Its no news that they do not care about we the common men but we will not conclude yet until we go back to historical records.
In 2016, soludo during a book launch spoke to his fellow political class saying that IPOB can not be bribed and if the concerns IPOB raised is not looked into, IPOB will make southeast political class irrelevant. Soludo said its no longer business as usual that the political class will not care and use money to dissuade them because they are very focused. Soludo during this time raised several reasons why IPOB has been obeyed in southeast. Soludo said Igbo’s have been marginalized and the government in igbo land feels less concerned. He said that ipob raised genuine concerns like checkpoints, militarizing southeast, no jobs for young igbo youths whereas igbo states are under oil producing states. He said ipob wants nigeria to restructure to 1963 constitution or split into sovereign states. He said before the war ended the reasons why biafrans surrendered was that there was an agreement reached which were;
1) that the then 11states formed by Gowon would not be increased.
2) that in future if there would be amendments all Nigerians must be consented before any decision would be taken. This were the clauses for biafran surrender and it was signed and sealed (according to offordile). But after the sealing the fulani ruling class used the military to ensure more states were created which was targeted at weaking eastern region and make the region smaller so they won’t be able to rise up next time in future incase there is need. This were the names of fulani army generals used to in this evil plots;
1) Gowon created 11states after the agreement with biafrans he added one extra state making 12;
2) general murtala Mohammed 1976 created forcefully 9more states
3) general Ibrahim badamosi babangida created 9more states in 1987 making 21states.
4) general sani abacha created 6extra state now totalling 36states.
Now the question is, why wasn’t the surrendered BIAFRANS notified of this plan? Why did the fulani north not abide by the agreement? Why are biafrans treated like animals and why are the igbo political class not talking about the dangers of all this marginalization?
Now, these silence from the elites produced IPOB and it will take addressing these genuine concerns for these agitated youths to see reaaons. Ipob saw all these marginalization and have refused to keep quiet and live like everything is normal. These agitation won’t end anytime soon until IPOB is brought to round table. Any thing short of these will turn ipob to a monster and these monster will divide nigeria.”
Now having listen to soludo in 2016, and compare that with his actions now he is governor in 2021, will you say soludo is sincere? Have the genuine concerns of biafrans soludo saw in 2016 been met?
If no why are you soludo now trying to force biafrans just like the fulani generals did after the war in 1970?
Soludo have biafrans stop being marginalized?
Where is mazi nnamdi kanu soludo?
Can you see why biafrans must hate nigeria and her political class,? all evil chameleons. Who is saying soludo is sincere, and consistent?
Biafrans is soludo sincere?
Biafrans is soludo consistent with the recent behavior from him?
I want to warn you soludo, do not state what you can’t finish. IMO state will be child’s play to anambra.
Allow biafrans fight for their right and do not interfere for your own good. I advice you to be very careful because what you will see will not be funny. Allow the sleeping lions in anambra to keep lying down, do not wake them up because if you do. ~~~simon ekpa




Oke meutan 27/3/22

Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa LL.M (Master of Laws) is a human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, legal researcher, author, analyst, Finnish politician, Biafra agitator and a Finnish Military reserve.
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