The 20 warning signs of Buhari that has led to the “point and kill” of politics in Nigeria

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The 20 warning signs of Buhari that has led to the “point and kill” of politics in Nigeria, these signs should give every human a serious concern as we go to the polling unit in 2019

20 Warning Signs Buhari Would Destroy Nigeria’s Economy Which Was Ignored

  1. We told them that Buhari is an economic assassin. But they claimed his integrity would block loopholes. But now, Naira is on free fall, falling oil prices, inability to sell oil, Biafra agitation, Boko Haram moves, Governors’ inability to pay salaries.
  2. We told them that he’s corrupt just like his fellow cronies, but they claimed he never stole a dime.
  3. We told them that Buhari is OLD, DULL, and SLOW. Still, they said they preferred a dullàrd that created Western Germany and President Mitchell’s to a PhD holder that transformed the Agricultural sector of the economy.
  4. We told them he doesn’t have the moral standard, will and the technological know-how to tackle corruption, but they claimed even witch-hunting is fighting corruption.
  5. We told them he’s full of LIES and DECEIT, but they hoped on the mirage NGN5,000 salary for the jobless and one meal per day for their kids.
  6. We told them that since he knew nothing about fuel subsidy, then he knows nothing about the petroleum industry/sector of the Nigerian economy. Still, they claimed he’ll stabilize world oil price and reduce PMS price to NGN40 per litre.
  7. We told them he has no respect for the rule of law, but they claimed the judiciary was corrupt.
  8. We told them his government is usually marked with heavy job losses and too harsh economic policies. Still, they said they preferred to be jobless in a change government than to be gainfully employed in a Transformation government of Jonathan’s administration.
  9. We told them he is not as humble as he looks, but they said he had only NGN1 million and 150 cows.
  10. We told them that he’s too old to govern; they claimed our youths are wasted generations.
  11. We told them he doesn’t have a certificate, and they said he could use his NEPA bill.
  12. We told them he’s vindictive, but they said as far as they are concerned, he can employ all his family members, relatives and well-wishers into his cabinet, even if they have no formal education, as long as they deliver.
  13. We told them he’s an enemy of democracy, and they claimed they prefer his autocracy to the Nigerian Democracy.
  14. We told them he’s not humble but only a pretender, they said he’ll sell off the presidential jets to cut the cost of governance.
  15. We told them he doesn’t care about the Nigerian citizens. Still, they claimed he belongs to everybody and belongs to nobody, even though his appointments were mainly for the north, he embarks on fruitless journeys and speaks only to BBC Hausa.
  16. We told them he supported Boko Haram, and they told us that even if they found him in a meeting with Shekau and co, that wouldn’t stop them from voting him.
  17. We asked for any tangible thing he’s done for the country after staying away from government for so long, and they claimed it didn’t matter.
  18. We told him to get up from the honeymoon and hit the ground running, but they called us Wailers.
  19. Finally, we told them he’s a scam, but they shouted Sai Baba!
  20. Behold Nigerians, here is your much-desired change!

But then Nigerians there is this saying says, “No matter how long you have travelled on the wrong road, the only way you can get to your destination is to stop and return to the right road”.

Nigeria has been travelling the wrong road in the past 55 years, the earlier we receive common sense and reverse our folly, the better.

Good luck, Nigeria.

Posted By Simon Ekpa on 25 November 2015

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Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa LL.M (Master of Laws) is a human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, legal researcher, author, analyst, Finnish politician, Biafra agitator and a Finnish Military reserve.
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