THE DoS AND AUTOPILOTS, “HOW WE GOT HERE”. Written By; Maazị James Duruoha


The man -Nnamdi Kanu started the #IPOB movement in 2012. He was relatively unknown but did not mind since he was convinced in what he believed in. His intention was to totally free the Biafran people, a vision and mission Lt. Col. Odumegwu Ojukwu started. Of course, other ethnic groups could regain freedom in the process. While some were merely scratching around the edges of the problem through elusive “New Nigeria” initiatives, MNK instinctively knew that creating awareness to sensitising our people was the key. So, he persistently engaged Biafrans who were at that time weary and sceptical of his intentions and prospects of the campaign. Our people were simply being cautious. In life they say: “it does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop”. This became true of MNK. He gradually, honestly and consistently created a proud biafran identity. He is known as a strong Pan-African advocate as well as a global phenomenon. He has made enemies in the process though.

To all intents and purposes, it has to be said that the kidnap and extraordinary rendition of MNK from Kenya to Nigeria in June 2021, was unforeseen and devastating. Our enemies -local and international hatched, perfected and unleashed “earthquake” on Onyendu and the movement we hold in the highest esteem. The nigerian government was already prepared to implement the template of how it destroyed “Massob”, only to make Mr Ralph Uwazuruike a multimillionaire in the end. The government’s Spokesperson boasted that the capture would mark the end of IPOB. They never knew that IPOB is UNBREAKABLE. But later they knew it.

What unfolded afterwards showed that the DoS was seriously compromised. Some of them sold out in short. Our people, against this backdrop, waited patiently for Mazi Chika Edoziem to demonstrate real leadership, but he could not. They therefore grew increasingly suspicious of him. In the midst of that unprecedented despair, outrage and tension, Mazi Simon Ekpa kept his cool while strategically rooted for the DoS. Records prove that. The situation became exacerbated when MSEkpa was denied a slot on Radio Biafra as MNK had commanded. At any rate, MCEDOZIEM under pressure to do something, called for a weekly Sit-At-Home (Mondays). But when they found how powerful our people responded, they suspended it as if they did not expect it. This cowardly move infuriated and enraged our people as they felt disappointed and betrayed. For them, the public disobedience must continue in solemn acknowledgement of MNK’s sacrifices. At this point, MSEkpa was still willing to look up to the leadership of MCEdoziem, but he, Mazi Chinasa Nworu and Emma Powerful kept on disappointing.

What is more? While the nigerian officials were gallivanting, the kenyan and british authorities kept their fingers crossed in deceptive silence because the whole conspiracy had become shrouded in uncertainties. On the other hand, the DoS men were busy secretly strategising with politicians and “Ohanaeze” -SE sociocultural advocacy group. That was both improper and betrayal by every stretch of imagination.

At this critical juncture, Radio Biafra had become a platform for systematically launching attacks against MSEkpa. They called him names, tried to assassinate his character and reputation in order to destroy his good relationship with Biafrans. Unfortunately, it did not work for them. Instead, MSE gradually but steadily surged in love and popularity. Evidence abound that he had often asked the DoS men and their “E-rats” to allow him concentrate on the way forward in the light of the kidnap of our beloved Onyendu. But when they remained unrelenting and distracting, he gave them until February 28, 2022. After which the New Dimension under Autopilots would commence. It did come to pass.

You see, in comparison, the members of DoS had masqueraded as wolves in sheep clothing, sabotaging the movement as well as making careers out of it with a feeling of entitlement. That was a shocking revelation, thanks to MSEkpa’s Expositions.Moreso, they had and still have passion for killing. As a result of their evil activities, the biafran spirit and people left them.
As for Ekpa Simon Njoku (ESN), he is intelligent, wise, careful, determined, courageous, punchy, analytical and approachable. As our Spokesperson, he is the most qualified in these challenging times. Indeed, the Biafran spirit is upon him, and our people are behind him too.

Written By; Maazị James Duruoha

For; Biafran Writers Of Conscience [#BWOC]

Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa LL.M (Master of Laws) is a human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, legal researcher, author, analyst, Finnish politician, Biafra agitator and a Finnish Military reserve.
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