The Joe Igbokwe and his family were chased out of Igboland by Bakassi for arm robbery and criminal activities

The Igbokwes: Most Wanted By Bakassi Mafia 1999-2002 : 10:44pm On Jul 12, 2016

When i heard about one Igbokwe writing articles that condemns anything from the Igbo tribe, i quickly made a check up on his background. I was shocked to find out that Joe Igbokwe is the junior brother of Ejiamatu Igbokwe from Nnewi. Anyone that is well informed during the then Bakassi militia will not forget the name Eddy na nogu, he was a herbalist that worked with criminals, soaked in diabolical welfare and walfare, he was linked to the igbokwes and was on Bakassi most wanted list though Eddy was later captured and rest was history. In those era, the igbokwes led by their elder brother Ejiamatu was in control of large number of arm robbers operating in Nkwo nnewi, rumours about Ejiamatu operation gang then was how they attack houses and rob at will, they also control police men stationed in Nnewi , wonder why the Nnewians accepted bakassi with open arms.
The Igbokwes family ran away from their hometown and though Ejiamatu returned after the end of bakassi movement in 2006 but his brother Joseph became an enemy to anything called igbo. He took position with Lagos state as General Manager of LASIMRA and was later appointed as the Chairman of Wharf Landing Fee Collecting Authority. All he does now is to write articles that would spike violence against the igbos and other tribe.
The evil his family perpetrated in Nnewi has not been forgotten, we remember and we keep note, a person like him if it was to be in the olden days he would have been banished and term an efulefu or osu. The wealth, ill gotten from bloodshed is what he used to buy his name into Nigeria politics , money gotten through arm robbery and thuggery. His family is the most hated and irrelevant in Nnewi and wonder why he doesn’t find it hard to condemn anything that looks like or sound igbo. His brother Ejiamtu was linked to a bomb that exploded in nkwo Nnewi after he was challenged by Nkwo Nnewi officials for consconstruction of illegal properties in Nkwo Market. His brother was also challenged when he wanted to form alpha citizen inorder to use thugs to collect money from traders and parks.

We Nnewians Rejected the Igbokes family because the evil they perpetrated on our land is till glaring on our faces till date and i want to summons every igbo born not to forget that the Igbokwes were once most wanted for robbery and bloodshed in igbo land and to be aware that another sheep with a lions face is now on rampage

Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa LL.M (Master of Laws) is a human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, legal researcher, author, analyst, Finnish politician, Biafra agitator and a Finnish Military reserve.
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