Where are the writers of “he was arrested in South Korea”?

When they didn’t hear from him, They started circulating fake article that Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was arrested in South Korea, we laughed at them and even some of our elites contacted me asking whether the news is true, I told them it is as good as believing that Britain didn’t creat Nigeria. Today, nobody is asking questions about who wrote the article, what was the intention of the person and which Biafra group did the writer belong to? Ofcourse everyone already forgotten the article and life goes on. That’s how people live their life in Nigeria, without brains to ask certain questions. 
Today, the same people are at it again, when the article failed to sell, after the unveiling of the Eastern Security Network, they are not happy. Please, all Biafrans must learn to know when you are dealing with the devil, they neither support nor proffer solution, they always on the defence defending nothing. What more are you going to believe?
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-Simon Ekpa 5.1.2021

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2 years ago

That news actually emanated from one of the former member of IPOB principal officers who opened radio recently to promote a campaign of Calumny against MNK. I don’t want to mention name. It was his bought followers that first released the news but we aren’t bothered anyway because we know what we are doing and we know that our leader is neither Osama Bin Laden nor Shekau. He is not Buhari or a wanted Corrupt Zoo politicians.So why will he be Arrested?. If he wasn’t arrested when he travelled from Umuahia in Biafraland to Israel without his siezed Passport by Buhari after his home’s invasion and assassination attempt by the Zoo Terrorist Soldiers, why now? People are just too gullible to believe anything and they also forget so soon. Stupid helpless black brains.

2 years ago

Daalu Nwa Chineke.

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