Why are Fulani terrorists coming to our farmland in the South to graze where there is no land?

Why are they Fulani in the South to graze where there is no land, again, if not just desire to start trouble?

  1. Niger State 76,363KM²
  2. Borno State 70,898KM²
  3. Taraba State 54,473KM²
  4. Kaduna State 46,053KM²
  5. Bauchi State 45,837KM²
  6. Yobe State 45,502KM²
  7. Zamfara State 39,762KM²
  8. Adamawa State 36,917KM²
  9. Kwara State 36,825KM²
  10. Kebbi State 36,800KM²
  11. Benue State 34,059KM²
  12. Plateau State 30,913KM²
  13. Kogi State 29,833KM²
  14. Oyo State 28,454KM²
  15. Nasarawa State 27,117KM²
  16. Sokoto State 25,973KM²
  17. Katsina State 24,192KM²
  18. Jigawa State 23,154KM²
  19. Cross River State 20,156KM²
  20. Kano State 20,131KM²
  21. Gombe State 18,768KM²
  22. Edo State 17,802KM²
  23. Delta State 17,698KM²
  24. Ogun State 16,762KM²
  25. Ondo State 15,500KM²
  26. Rivers State 11,077KM²
  27. Bayelsa State 10,773KM²
  28. Osun State 9,251KM²
  29. Federal Capital Territory 7,315KM²
  30. Enugu State 7,161KM²
  31. Akwa Ibom State 7,081KM²
  32. Ekiti State 6,353KM²
  33. Abia State 6,320KM²
  34. Ebonyi State 5,670KM²
  35. Imo State 5,530KM²
  36. Anambra State 4,844KM²
  37. Lagos State 3,345KM²

Anambra + Enugu + Abia + Imo + Ebonyi = 29,525KM²

Kogi = 29,833KM²

Ogun + Oyo + Osun + Ondo + Ekiti = 76,320KM²
Lagos = 3,345KM²

Niger alone = 76,363KM²

Niger State = Entire Southwest States – Lagos

*The entire Southeast
is a little less than Kogi State only.

Just for our record

The North Has enough land for ranching and cattle colony.

We in the South West have little land mass. PLEASE LET US BE; LEAVE US ALONE TO MANAGE THE LITTLE LAND WE HAVE

culled from different sources

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