It is no longer news that Nigeria will go to the polls in 2023 or PRETEND to hold an election to chose a new leader. And that one of the contenders to the presidency is Mr. Peter Gregory Obi, the Nigerian labour party candidate, an Igbo man.

It is no gossip that all the zones in the country have produced a president or should I say all the major tribes have produced a Nigerian president except the Igbos.

The common sense consensus is that it should be the turn of the Igbos come 2023 but however, prior to the parties’s primaries, just like everything Nigeria, the two major political parties did a 360 degrees turn around on their constitution and threw participation open as expected. Due to the rotten system in place, the position went to who is ready to buy and the highest bidder.

As expected, the looters mostly won the day. No need mentioning their names.

My interest in this write up is that of the Igbo man who joined in the race through the mainstream parties and later withdrew to join another party because he knew that he cannot outbuy them, Mr. Peter Obi.

Mr. Obi had ruled Anambra state for eight years and according to records, he performed well and leveraging on his antecedents He built his campaign toga from it and it has gained traction.

A kind of inferno has engulfed the country because of the way he presented himself. And as it is, he has become the one to beat.

The two major contenders are wishing he is not there, the youths are rallying behind him and the sensible see him as the next best thig to happen to the zoo, NIGERIA.

These are flattering and I believe has gotten to Mr. Obi’s head. He is almost everywhere preaching a One Nigeria message and the crowd are either cheering or jeering him.
Now, let us get to the meat of the issue.

1, Post conventions, the phrase had been ‘it is Igbo turn’ and after the convention, nobody as much as mouth it again, all the interest went to ‘selected’ candidates.
Political elites from other regions backtracked and said that the Igbos will wait more to be able to produce a President for Nigeria.

Obi seriously wanted an alliance with kwakwanso of NNPP from the North. But, he was rudely reminded that the position of an Igbo man as far as they are concerned is that of a second class citizen. That he MUST accept the position of vice president or go solo with a truthful reminder that no northerner will vote for an Igbo man.

That the Islamization of Nigeria has been concluded with the Moslem/Moslem ticket of the APC. The ticket wouldn’t have mattered if the Vice President position was not given to a known patron of Terrorists in the country and one who has vowed to destroy the Igbos.

That presidency is transient in Nigeria, just like other democracies, so if he wins and finish his tenure, what becomes the nation after power would have gone back to the north?

That the Nigerian armed forces have strong ties with the northern oligarchy and would always dance to their tunes.

That the myrriads of problems in the country are so much to be tackled within the Time frame of his tenure.

That he cannot evolve a new civil service and the one that is available is rotten to the roots.

Considering the issues above, it will be delusional for any Igboman, Mr. Obi included, to think that he will be allowed to rule Nigeria just like that.

Okadigbo played same politics of one Nigeria and paid with his life when he identified that there was an agreement between the south west and the north that an Igbo man will never rule Nigeria.

It became prominent during the primaries when Tinubu had to boldly say that it is his turn. HIS TURN! And you want to play with such assertion?

Atiku told you that you are only good to stand behind him because he knows that it is a cult agreement not to allow your tribe to rule.

One Abdulmuminu came out boldly to say that unless the Igbos accept Islam, they will never allow them to rule Nigeria. Then the icing in the cake is Tinubu’s vice president choice, a self professed Boko Haramist who has been seconded to finish the job the dead Buhari started.

They know that Tinubu is old, that if he does not die, he will be easy to be manipulated.

Perhaps, the confirmation of these positions came from the fake Buhari who promised the APC vice presidential candidate that he will hand over power to him and his boss.

What all these portend is that the election has been concluded and their choice has been made therefore it will take a million Peter Obis to change their mind and if he insists, it is not new to them, they will kill him.

What is the way forward?

Peter Obi should jettison his uthopian dream of carving a rotten wood and join the train as Mazi Simon EKPA has suggested to restore the kingdom of God on earth.

Join in the restoration of BIAFRA Movement.

©Written, From Mazi Ike Biafra,
Edited By Maazị Dim Justice

For Biafra writers Of Conscience. (BWOC) 2022.

Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa LL.M (Master of Laws) is a human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, legal researcher, author, analyst, Finnish politician, Biafra agitator and a Finnish Military reserve.
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