BREAKING! Election observers coming to Nigeria will observe war of separation of Biafra from Nigeria. -simon Ekpa

Press Statement From The Office Of The Spokesperson For The Biafra People







This is to notify the various International Observers, (both Government and Non Governmental Organisations) who has been deployed to Nigeria to observe the fraudulent February 2023 general elections of very crucial developments that they must bear in mind before moving into or while in the country to carry out their missions.


Every observer of the so called elections must be conscious of the following:


1. That we, the Biafra People have decided and declared it loud and clear to the hearing of the international communities for over a period of two years now that Nigeria is no longer permitted to hold any fraudulent elections in Biafraland and for this reason, there shall be no longer be no election in Biafraland come February 2023


2. That we, the Biafra People have spoken through several means, including massively successive weekly sit@homes for almost twenty months now to show that we are no longer under the sovereignty of the Nigeria entity, and these sit@homes has been widely covered and observed by both local and international media, even if the international community have chosen to keep a blind eye.


3. That there is already war ongoing, currently being carried out by the Nigeria government against Biafrans in which our people are been murdered daily in droves by the Nigeria military, and our properties worth billions upon billions of naira been destroyed too.


4. That the international community and Organisations such as the United Nations, UN, should prevail on the Nigeria terrorist government (this terrorism of the government is already a known fact internationally) to cancel the fraudulent February elections and declare a referendum to be conducted for the various agitating and freedom seeking nations within the country in place of the elections.


5. That failure to comply to (number 4) above will mean that the entire Biafraland will be under complete lock and keys to stop the elections by all means from holding within our territory.


6. That any attempt by the Nigeria terrorist government to apply force in order to conduct this fraudulent elections in Biafraland will receive equal resistance from we the Biafrans people.


7. That we reiterate once more that the International Observers who have already left and the ones yet to leave their countries for the fraudulent elections must note that should the elections be forced to hold within our territory, they would be observing not just elections but the final war of separation of Biafra from Nigeria.


8. That we are very determined this time to secure our values as a people, fight for the survival of our race and nothing in our way will be spared as we do so.


9. That we hereby caution all the Biafra saboteur politicians to desist from their selfish aims and respect this decision taken by Biafrans as we prepare to exit Nigeria this 2023.


10. That we are not and will never be intimidated by anybody, be it Nigeria, Britain and/or their other allies who may want to scare us into the hellish-forceful-One-Nigeria syndrome again.


Enough is Enough! Self-Determination Is Not A Crime.


Note That We Will Only Accept A United Nations Supervised Biafra Referendum Conducted In Biafraland And Not Nigeria Elections Or We Shall Re-Declare Biafra And Take Our Destinies By Our Own Hands.









Maazi Ekpa Simon Njoku [ESN]

The Biafra Spokesperson,

For Biafrans Worldwide.



Simon Ekpa

Simon Ekpa LL.M (Master of Laws) is a human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, legal researcher, author, analyst, Finnish politician, Biafra agitator and a Finnish Military reserve.
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